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What is Primavera?

06 January 2014

Primavera is primarily a project portfolio management system. Used by those working in industries such as engineering, construction, defence, utilities, manufacturing, IT and public sector, the software manages and regulates large projects as well as tracking time and costs.

The most popular software available from Primavera is Primavera P6, the market leader in project portfolio management (or PPM). At Total Training Solutions we offer a range of courses in Primavera P6, focusing on elements such as managing resources, application administration and courses for more advanced users of the software.

But what is PPM? To examine this, we can break it down into two sections - portfolio management and programme management. Portfolio management is a term used to describe the analysis and management of a group of projects with the aim of achieving the organisation’s overall goals, whether they be business strategy goals or technical strategy goals. This is done by determining the optimal mix and sequencing of the projects while taking into account constraints such as those imposed by management. Elements such as estimated cost, consumption of resources and timing are considered during portfolio management.

A programme in the context of ‘programme management’ can be defined as a group of related projects managed in coordination with one another rather than individually. Therefore programme management focuses on coordinating these projects within a programme, prioritising resources and minimising risks.

As the leading PPM software provider, Primavera can benefit businesses to a massive degree. In the US, it is believed that those projects which totalled more than $6 trillion in value were managed with Primavera software. To learn more about how Primavera could help your business or to find out more about our available Primavera courses, give us a call on 0800 612 1299. Our full range of courses is available to view in our course directory, and if you have any questions about any of the services Total Training Solutions offer, don’t hesitate to contact us via our website.

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