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What is Prince2?

02 September 2010

PRojects IN Controlled Environments or PRINCE2 for short is a method that’s used to manage projects in a structured and process based manner. There is no hardware or software involved with the exception of some supporting tools; as the elements are based on how to best approach projects in a consistent and effective framework.

PRINCE2 is extensively used in the UK as well as internationally and is also used to enable the user to manage the processes of risk management and quality control.

Who is PRINCE2 for?

PRINCE2 is commercially focused and can be applied to all kinds of projects from very small ones to the very large. It is ideal for those in project management roles in the public sector as well in other industries such as construction, engineering, IT, business, and financialservices industry.

What are the benefits?

Using PRINCE2 allows the user to:

  • Have greater control of resources
  • Ability to manage risk more effectively
  • Maintain quality control throughout each stage of the process
  • Adapt better to changes
  • Improves communication channels between the project, project team and organisation
  • Ensure projects are aligned with the strategy
  • Set flexible decision points

What types of PRINCE2 qualifications are there?

Total Training Solutions offer a number of PRINCE2 training courses that are available throughout the United Kingdom. We offer a variety of packages including online, offline, CBT, and instructor-led tuition.

The PRINCE2 Foundation course is ideal for individuals who have a supporting role in projects and the Practitioner course is targeted more towards individuals who are leading projects. Also available is the blended course which has made it possible forcandidates to take both the Foundation and Practitioner PRINCE2 modules in one package.

A directory of all candidates who have passed the PRINCE2 exams can be found at www.prince2.org.uk. As an employer you can check the validity of someone’s PRINCE2 certification, prior to contract or employment.

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