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What is Project Management?

03 April 2012

Project management is the ‘discipline of planning, organising, securing, and managing resources to achieve specific goals.’ In general terms, a project is a temporary task with a defined beginning and end, usually with time and budgetary constraints. Project management strives to complete the task, whilst meeting these limitations.

Two of the main players in terms of computer-based and I.T. program Project Management systems are PRINCE2 and Agile.

PRINCE2, (that’s PRojects IN Controlled Environments 2) is a structured approach with a clearly defined framework. It works by implementing procedures and coordinating people and activities to ensure a project is completed. It provides design and supervising structures and explanations of what to do if a project has to be adjusted. The PRINCE2 method is divided into manageable stages, each with key inputs and outputs to meet specific goals. It allows for ‘efficient control of resources and deviations from the plan.’

Contrasting with the PRINCE2 is Agile. This approach is based on the principles of ‘human interaction management’ which basically means the Agile system allows for human input. The framework is seen as a series of relatively small tasks conceived and executed as the situation demands. It allows businesses to foresee situations and outcomes through its development cycle thus preparing them for change and to go on and use Agile’s methods to adapt to this change in a flexible and timely manner.

Taking this human interaction approach to the next level is Scrum, an incremental part of the Agile methodology system. Key features are the cycle system which allows for changes by the client at any stage of the project. The step-by-step approach means rather than planning the entire project at the beginning, you to learn from earlier parts of the process, adjust and continue.

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