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What is Sage software used for?

20 October 2011

Sage is the most widely used accounting software in the UK. It is mainly used for the bookkeeping process and is ideal for new and small businesses due to its quality, reliability and ease of use. Sage has relatively low running costs and enables small businesses to manage money, invoices, quotes, suppliers and VAT in a professional and efficient manner. The latest versions of this software integrate with Sage Pay and Sage instant Payroll for even better capabilities.

The range of Sage product packages includes ACT!, Bookkeeping, Accounts, Instant Accounts, Payroll and Forecasting. From the basics of manual bookkeeping and simple payrolls to sophisticated foreign trading and complex financial forecasting, the potential of the Sage network is far reaching.

A career in the accountancy and administrative industries will require working with Sage, whether its Bookkeeper, HR, Credit Controller, Purchase Ledger or Financial Director, chances are a Sage product will be your number one business tool. Sage works out salary and tax payments as well as inputs, output and net and gross profits. It can generate profit and loss accounts on a quarterly basis to benchmark performance against targets. It can monitor sales, cost of sales and profit to ensure performance is in line with targets and highlight any action that maybe required to achieve them.

With more than 14,000 accountants in the UK using Sage software, it is even easier for businesses to share information and get advice from their accountants. Sage is also the leading provider of customer PAYE data to HM Revenue & Customs, ensuring our customers make the right payments on time and stay within the law.

For more information about Sage products, training courses and which ones will best suit your business needs, call the Total Training Solutions team on 0800 612 1299 or email info@tts-uk.com.

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