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What’s new with iOS 6?

18 October 2012

Apple has suggested that their new operating system makes ‘the things you do every day even better.’ But how? Here we’ll look at all of the new features that iOS 6 brings to the table and how you can make the most of them.


Apple are priding their new maps system on the incredible new level of detail. However, the most striking new feature is probably the Flyover aspect whereby you can view cities from the air in 3D. Maps also have updated traffic reports which can be essential when planning your journey to an important meeting. The new turn by turn function also allows you to use your iPhone or iPad as a Sat Nav.


The new voice command system now operates in more languages and is generally more effective than before, enabling people to Google things using their voice. This can affect the job of search engine optimisers as they look to optimise towards things people say rather than what they type.


Facebook is now fully integrated into iOS 6. Events, pictures, contacts and game high-scores are now fully connected to Facebook. So, people are now more up-to-date with events than ever before; making it more important to understand how you can keep your business present on Facebook along with users of Apple products.


iOS 6 holds all e-tickets in one place for easy access along with gift cards, vouchers and more. This new feature will encourage people to make greater use of e-tickets and this opens up a better way for businesses to target consumers through this new mobile channel.


This now works over mobile networks as well as WiFi, making it easier for colleagues to stay in touch face-to-face while on the move. Facetime can also now be used on iPads with your phone number.

Apple’s aim with this new operating system is to make your life easier, but if you’re still struggling maybe you’d like to try our OS X security and mobility course to learn how to make the most of iOS 6 for personal use and from the perspective of maximising your company’s potential. Call Total Training Solutions on: 0800 612 1299 or e-mail: info@tts-uk.com.

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