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What's the value of Linux certification?

10 September 2010

The Linux system is continuing to improve and as a result is gaining more market share. As the demand for Linux is growing, the call for the people who know how to use, program and administer Linux is growing too.

A Linux certification shows that you are serious about Linux and are looking to master it and can provide improved job prospects for IT professionals, as well as building knowledge within a framework that is vendor neutral. A Linux qualification can also serve as a basis for further certification such as Red Hat Linux Training. Linux lies at the core of numerous Novell products, which makes a Linux certification all the more valuable for those who are interested in such technologies.

In the market place today, anyone who can use and make sense of Linux will probably be able to find a job. Thinking in the longer term, Linux qualifications are relatively new and in the near future employers will be requesting certification to be able to verify who is equipped to use the system.

Choosing a certification

Deciding which Linux qualification to pursue comes down to your current ability and skill you are looking to build for your long term goals. A Linux qualification would be useful for anyone looking to operate, administer and program Linux.

Becoming certified with Red Hat will give delegates greater technical awareness and practical experience of using the systems.

Total Training Solutions offer a wide range of Linux courses from entry and introductory levels to the more advanced systems and programs as well as Red Hat options. All are available at training centres across the UK. For more information on any of our courses visit http://www.tts-uk.com/course-directory/course-directory.aspx or call us on 0114 279 2799 to discuss which qualification would be best for you.

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