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Where can Primavera skills take you in your career?

19 December 2011

Having any professional qualification better places you above your peers, colleagues or fellow job applicants. Primavera training not only makes it easier to manage a project, but it can also improve communication and help you build your career as it also shows a commitment to professional and self development.

For the individual, Primavera training offers a chance to build your skills and help your CV stand out to employers. According to Oracle, (Primavera’s parent company) Primavera is used by many top engineering firms, as well as military and defence agencies. It also remains the dominant project management software within the building and construction trades and is widely used in pipeline and utility installation amongst Civil Engineers, Sales Engineers and field staff. With such a wide range of firms using this software, candidates who undergo training can improve their likelihood of scoring an interview in a number of different fields.

Employees from top management level, down to field workers use Primavera to plan, track, record and analyse a project. Access to different parts of the software can be attributed to different personnel dependant of their position and so the skills needed to understand the various levels of the software also vary. The demand for knowledge and experience of Primavera products, services and training, from an accredited training provider such as Total Training Solutions, can lead to careers in a plethora of job roles. Project Planners, Project Analysts, Project Managers, Administrators, Logistics Co-ordinators and Business Consultants will use Primavera programming for Portfolio Management, Project Management, Resource Management (including cost management and resource allocation), Production Support and Progress Reporting.

To see how a Primavera training course can benefit you and your career, contact one of our friendly customer services team members on 0800 612 1299 who can recommend the right Primavera course for you. Alternatively, browse our course directory and email info@tts-uk.com with any questions.

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