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Which industries can benefit from Primavera training?

28 January 2014

Primavera is used in industries across the board, from engineering to travel to the government. For this reason, a qualification in Primavera is one of the most versatile courses offered by Total Training Solutions.

The heavy construction industry continues to be Primavera’s predominant customer base. Due to the number of large scale projects carried out in the industry, Primavera software is incredibly useful in this field, and can increase efficiency - saving companies and organisations money in the long term. The older P3 software was used by 25% of the heavy construction industry, demonstrating the effectiveness of the system for managing projects and portfolios of this nature. Indeed, in 2008, nearly 40% of general contractors with an annual revenue of five to ten million dollars used Primavera software.

However, the demographic for Primavera does not end at construction workers. Any industry which focuses on large scale projects, be they physical such as engineering or manufacturing or more abstract such as government schemes or defence planning, can benefit from training in and utilising Primavera systems and software. Due to the widespread use of Primavera, having a qualification in the system, be it on the risk analysis software, the portfolio management software or simply a fundamental overview of the system, can only be beneficial for your career. The transferrable skills you gain can be taken with you, regardless of industry.

There are countless project-intensive industries which can benefit from Primavera. Training in Primavera from Total Training Solutions can save time, money and generally increase organisation and efficiency, which can only have a positive effect on your company or business. Primavera improves decision making, supply-chain efficiency, and can also result in cost reduction or increased profit - a desirable outcome in any industry.

If you work in a project-orientated industry, or believe your company or organisation could thrive using Primavera systems, give Total Training Solutions a call to discuss the courses and qualifications available. We offer both fundamental and advanced courses, with plenty in between, so you can find the course that suits you. You can also browse our full range of courses, phone us with any questions on 0800 612 1299 or send us an enquiry through our website.

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