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Which vSphere 5.5 course is right for me?

27 December 2013

So - you have decided to invest in a vSphere 5.5 certification. But which one is right for you? The two courses we offer which specifically focus on vSphere 5.5 are the Install, Configure and Manage course and the What’s New course.

What’s New 5.5 explores the new features and upgraded elements of the latest version of vSphere. This course is recommended to those upgrading from 4.0 or 4.1 to 5.5 as it gives a thorough overview of not only the changes made to the most recent version, but also the differences between the 4.x and 5.x versions of vSphere. The two day course aims to educate trainees in all the main functions of vSphere 5.5 and give them the skills to be able to utilise them. Ideal candidates for the qualification are system administrators, IT managers, system architects (all at a professional level) and anyone responsible for implementing or managing vSphere environments. Over a two day period, this professional qualification will give participants the skills to be able to implement all they learn about 5.5 in their work environment and improve the efficiency of an organisation.

Install, Configure, Manage 5.5, unlike What’s New, does not require a qualified knowledge of an earlier vSphere system - just administration experience on a Microsoft or Linux operating system and an understanding of the concepts presented in the VMware Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals course. Therefore, if you’re installing vSphere for the first time using 5.5, this could be the course for you. The course is targeted at system administrators, system engineers and operators of ESXi and vCenter Server, and aims to educate trainees in the functions of vSphere 5.5. By the end of the five day course, those qualified will be able to successfully install and manage vSphere 5.5, even without prior vSphere experience.

Whichever course you feel is right for you, Total Training Solutions have you covered. We offer only the most professional and respected qualifications, for an affordable price, so you know that you’re getting an expert education and that your hard work will be recognised. Take a look at our full range of vSphere courses or alternatively, visit our course directory for our entire catalogue. If you have any questions about vSphere courses or to discuss your options, give us a call on 0800 612 1299 or visit our contact page.

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