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Who are Cisco?

04 April 2014

Born out of San Francisco, Cisco is a multinational corporation which designs, manufactures and sells networking equipment. Their products can be easily separated into three main categories: the corporate market, small businesses and the home user. This essentially means that Cisco has every potential user covered, making them one of the most successful and well-known corporations in the world. Whether it’s virtualisation software, routers, network storage systems or broadband, the chances are you have encountered or used Cisco technology at some point. And in a world where technology is at the forefront of every successful business, venture or career, Cisco qualifications are becoming more and more popular - sometimes as an alternative to costly university degrees.

One of the most popular Cisco qualifications (and offered by Total Training Solutions), CCNA, is so sought after that individuals within the computer networking industry are usually expected to have a certification. Whether you have decades of networking experience, or are just branching out into the field, a CCNA certification can give you a more in-depth understanding of the concepts used, as well as being able to move higher up the career ladder, achieve other more advanced qualifications and even in certain circumstances be eligible for a salary increase.

The training and testing of a CCNA certification have been specifically engineered to develop knowledge and skills, in order to add value to an organisation’s network. The exams evaluate ability in all areas, ensuring that only those who have truly gained something from the training are able to pass and make use of their qualification. Contrary to popular belief, the high number of engineers with a CCNA qualification is not a reflection on how easy it is to gain - but rather an indication of what it can teach those just starting out in the network business, and what it can do for their career.

However, the CCNA is not the only Cisco qualification available. There are now dozens of alternative certifications, many of which are available from Total Training Solutions. Courses in specific areas of Cisco technology such as Configuring BGP on Cisco Routers or Implementing Cisco Data Centre Application Services are available for those with a more general Cisco knowledge and wanting to develop a particular skill. Boot Camp courses are ideal for those with a busy lifestyle who want a more concentrated version of the course.

View the full range of Cisco courses offered through Total Training Solutions, or visit our course directory for all available qualifications. You can also contact us with any queries on 0800 612 1299 or at info@tts-uk.com.

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