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Who is Amsys?

28 June 2013

In this month’s blogs we have been talking about Amsys and the services they offer to those who wish to improve their skills in Apple technology. We have looked at app development, the emergence of the mobile platform and how Objective-C is the key to your app development success. But as we have teamed up with Amsys, we thought we’d look at who the company is and why they are so good at providing expert training in Apple technology.

As an expert in Apple training, Amsys has trained over 11,000 people in just over ten years in their London and Manchester training centres. As well as training people, Amsys provides Mac repairs, Mac support, consultancy and recruitment, so, short of being part of Apple itself, Amsys are all round Apple and Mac experts. They have also released their own mobile apps to help with revision for the exams that you take to receive certain qualifications, so when it comes to training and certifications for the mobile platform, you know that you are in the hands of a firm that has first hand experience of app development.

Recently, Amsys have opted to increase their investment in the Manchester area to target the digital marketing and media sector which is rife in the region. So, their benefits now extend to professionals in the marketing industry as well as those who are more involved in the high-tech end of the spectrum.

Their relentless focus on Apple technologies has allowed them to build up their reputation as Europe’s number one provider of Apple training courses and many internationals make the trip to England to take their Apple training. As proud partners of this firm, at Total Training Solutions we cannot recommend Amsys highly enough. Their extensive knowledge of Apple technology and vast experience in training in this area would be beneficial to any newcomer or expert.

So, if you would like to make the most of what Amsys have to offer, browse our range of Apple OS X and Apple Hardware courses. To book your chosen course call Total Training Solutions on 0800 612 1299 or contact us via the website.

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