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Why as a Data Center professional, should you invest your time and effort into passing the new Cisco certifications?

27 December 2012

Having seen what the new Cisco certifications are offering to data centre professionals, this week we’re looking at what a professional could gain from the course and why it is worth their time and effort. In general, the new certification brings everything up to date and trains data center workers to cope with new environmental factors which, previously, were not an issue. But what is it specifically that warrants your attention?

Cisco prides their new certifications on being able to provide practical and relevant, job-ready skills to the modern data center worker. The certification focuses on the practicalities and tasks that will be carried out in most data center job roles. So, as value to you, this will more than simply help you to do your current job better, it will give you the transferable skills you may need to take on new roles.

Although you will be putting time, money and a lot of hard work into this qualification, Cisco claim that by passing it you will then be armed with the skills to save time, money and effort in your job. So in exchange for time and effort over a short period of time, you will save time and effort for yourself, and money for your company in the long run.

While the certification will help you to make savings in key areas, Cisco claim that it will also help you to improve the quality and value of your data center through the increased efficiency and optimisation of your operations. This can be of particular value to data center owners as they look to improve their business as well as their own skill set.

If you would like to enroll on a Cisco data center training course, visit our Cisco courses page and call Total Training Solutions today on 0800 612 1299 or email: info@tts-uk.com.

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