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Why has Cisco created the new Data Center certifications?

20 December 2012

 Last week we looked at the release of Cisco’s new data center certification. We saw the complete
overhaul that Cisco gave to its data center certificate, but this week we’re looking at why they have
made such drastic changes.

Antonella Corno, product manager for Data Center virtualization and cloud product portfolio at Cisco,
states that the key reason for the change is “that our career certifications now fully embrace the unified data center architecture -- unified computing, unified fabric and unified management.” Cisco identified that as technology has moved towards more intelligence in networks, a knowledge gap has cropped up in the industry, and is growing.

Tech trends have been responding to specific business challenges and this has caused IT workers to
rethink the way they leverage their infrastructures. As a result of this, new jobs and skill sets have
emerged, meaning that some of the old training does not cover the new skills that are likely to be
required. The new certification is also a cost saving measure as more complex infrastructures need
better trained workers to operate them at a cost minimising level.

Cisco views the new certification as a way of laying down the basic foundations for data center job roles. While there are already people working in these roles, Cisco have produced a certification that will help to pass the skills on to new IT employees who have less experience.

If you’re looking to train yourself or one of your employees in this or any other Cisco certification,
take a look at our Cisco routing and switching training courses to find the course that suits your needs. Alternatively give Total Training Solutions a call on 0800 612 1299 or email: info@tts-uk.com.

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