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Why invest in Primavera?

15 January 2014

What are the benefits of using a project portfolio management system such as Primavera and why could investing in Primavera training from Total Training Solutions be beneficial to your business?

Primavera P6, which makes up the majority of the Primavera courses available from Total Training Solutions, has multiple benefits, such as reducing the risk of cost and schedule overruns within a business. Optimising management of all resources, as well as making it easier to make and keep project commitments through planning and project management tools are also advantages. Features such as role based functionality makes the system customisable depending on the team members’ needs and responsibilities. This is particularly useful in large organisations, where project managers, field workers and everyone in between will have different tasks and therefore different requirements from P6.

The main benefit to using Primavera is efficiency. Features such as risk-adjusted plans and lifecycle planning can ensure a more time, energy and cost efficient business. The industry-standard risk management function of Primavera allows organisations to create achievable, custom resource-optimised risk plans, allowing a project to run more smoothly. Resource management allows project managers to see what resources are being used and consequently predict future use - if this forecasts future problems, plans can be adjusted in advance, reducing delays and creating a more synchronised and efficient plan going forward.

Primavera P6 courses from Total Training Solutions will enable users to:
Ensure corporate control of a project
Increase processes
Improve cooperation between teams
Measure progress towards objectives
Ensure projects stick to an efficient strategy
Complete more projects with the intended payback and with maximum success

Whether you are a project manager, a manual worker or somewhere in between, we have a course to suit you. From Primavera P6 Fundamental to Primavera P6 Advanced, Total Training Solutions can provide the appropriate course for you, and ensure that everyone, no matter how high on the corporate ladder, can utilise the system to both their own advantage and that of the organisation. To learn more about the courses Total Training Solutions offers, visit our course directory. You can also contact us with any questions or queries on 0800 612 1299 or through our website.

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