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Why is Citrix XenApp exciting?

20 February 2012

You may wonder why you should use Citrix XenApp. Here are some reasons why you would make good use of it:

The XenApp is a thin client product that allows users to connect to their corporate applications and allows any Windows application to be “virtualised, centralised, and managed in the data centre”.

What makes the XenApp different and some would argue, exciting, to traditional application deployment technology is the ability for organisations to improve application management.  XenApp is unique in that it is a complete system for application delivery, offering both online and offline application access. It instantly delivers services to users anywhere from any device running any of over 30 operating systems. Companies can improve application management because all the applications are centralised in the database and they can also control and protect access to data so that it is secure.

By simplifying the management and delivery of applications, the cost of desktop management can be reduced up to 50%. Applications are delivered via application streaming quickly providing web-based access to Windows. It provides manageability and scale, and flexibility as it can create a cost-effective virtual workplace.

The XenApp uses Citrix HDX technology (high definition desktop virtualisation user experience) which adapts virtual application delivery and access based on your device, network, and location to ensure an optimal quality. The App integrates the tools and infrastructure needed to help control, measure, and monitor performance. Encrypted connectivity, advanced access control, policy-based password management, and session monitoring provide additional layers of protection.

Total Training Solutions offer courses for the various versions of the Citrix XenApp. From the earlier 5.0 version for Windows 2003 to the 2008 version and the XenApp 6.5 Advanced. Wherever you are in your training or career progression, a XenApp course that suits your level can be found with Total Training Solutions. Speak to one of our knowledgeable team on 0800 612 1299 who will help guide you through the options or email any questions to info@tts-uk.com.

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