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Why use Sage 50 Payroll?

28 March 2014

Sage 50 Payroll is one of the most widely used payroll systems in the world, allowing you to electronically manage your entire payroll process. Like all Sage products, Sage 50 Payroll is an organisational tool, making complicated, time-consuming tasks quick and simple, leaving you more time to take care of the business. However, arguably Sage 50 Payroll’s most useful function is its connection to HMRC.

The software is recognised by HMRC and is up to date with all of the latest payroll legislation, including RTI and Automatic Enrollment. Sage 50 Payroll ensures that your payroll is submitted accurately, efficiently and in compliance with the latest HMRC rules and regulations. The software also allows for calculations of statutory payments such as tax, PAYE, National Insurance and maternity pay easily and with minimal effort, as well as being able to submit forms to HMRC through the programme.

HMRC tax calculations and form submissions are often one of the most difficult parts of running a business. The jargon can be confusing, and managing timing alongside other day-to-day tasks can be hard work - often taking up more time than is necessary. Sage Payroll removes some of this stress. Acting as a middleman, forms can be submitted directly through the programme, as well as helping you with any calculations required. And since Sage Payroll is HMRC recognised, you know you can avoid costly fines.

However, Sage Payroll doesn’t just help you manage payments - it can also help you manage your employees. Information on all of your employees can be stored in a safe location, including appraisals, disciplinaries, job and salary history and other relevant statistics. Absences, be it sick leave, maternity leave or holiday days can also be managed through the software, making keeping track of payments and leave much easier, as well as generating a personalised schedule for each employee.

While the capabilities of Sage 50 Payroll are extensive, the programme itself is simple to use once you know how. You don’t need to be a payroll expert, however it can seem a little bit daunting upon first glance. A qualification from Total Training Solutions can help. We can teach you the basics and help you to use the software to your advantage. Alternatively, if you already have a foundation-level knowledge of Sage Payroll, we have plenty of courses to help you build on this, and even make this a transferrable skill which could aid your career. To learn more about our Sage Payroll qualifications visit our course directory to browse all the courses we have available. If you have any questions on Sage, or any other Total Training Solutions services, email us at info@tts-uk.com or call us on 0800 612 1299.

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