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Why would you use Linux?

07 September 2010

You may have noticed Linux being offered with laptops and netbooks, but what is Linux and why is it getting more popular? Well Linux is an operating system like any other which glues all of your software together but the main difference is that it is FREE.

The use of Linux has heavily increased in private and educational sectors across Europe as well as through the use in many smart phones that are being supported by Linux. Many businesses and individuals are benefiting from the fact that Linux is available both as a server and desktop and can be freely used, modified commercially and non – commercially.

For larger companies Linux can be offered through a variety of upscale operating systems such as Red Hat, Canonical and Novell. There are dozens of free desktop applications from spreadsheets, word processors, audio players, email programs and web browsers.

When you think of the costs of operating systems in the market today and compare that to the powerful platform of Linux which has as much capability and performance as the leading Windows operating system it is really hard to image that it is free to use.

How to get started?

Total Training Solutions offer a range of Linux training courses from Introduction to Advanced Shell Programming, ideal for system administrators, programmers, operators etc or the Advanced System Administration for the expert user.

Our Red Hat training courses are aimed at delegates who are looking to prepare for the Red Hat certification status.

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