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Win more business - how to write winning bids

08 November 2012

With money tight for many people in the UK’s economy, it is no surprise that the number of funding bids that have been made over the past few years has reached incredibly high levels. The current economic conditions combined with the increase in competition for funding has not only made it more important for you to win your bid, but it has also made it more difficult. So, here’s a short guide for writing successful bids.


Make sure that when you are writing a bid you give valid reasons for why you need the money and make sure you think of every possible outcome for your funding and detail what you are going to do to make sure that bad outcomes are avoided. Rather than submitting and re-submitting bad bids in the hope that one will succeed, submit one excellent and fully-reasoned one.


Because the competition for funding is so intense, the process should be treated as exactly that, a competition. Make sure your bid is written clearly and compellingly with all the statistics and evidence well-structured and well-presented. Your bid will never be accepted if it doesn’t make sense or the person reading it is bored after the first paragraph.

The Funder’s Perspective

This is, perhaps, the most important thing to consider. Do your research and make sure that the outcome that you are looking to achieve with the funding is in-line with the funder’s guidelines and ideas. It is currently much less important to detail too precisely how you are going to achieve a certain outcome, but more important to convince the funder that the outcome will be achieved. Funders are more inclined, these days, to approve funding for hard tangible outcomes.

A Final Tip

Get somebody to check your bid before you send it off. It sounds obvious but the last thing you need in your bid is spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It is also useful to get somebody to read through not just to check for mistakes but also to give feedback and suggest improvements. This will really make your bid the finished article.

Are you looking to improve your bid writing skills? Give Total Training Solutions a call on 0800 612 1299 and find the right course for you or one of your employees. Alternatively, email: info@tts-uk.com.

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