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Your iPhone 5 and OS 6 training starts here...

12 October 2012

With the release of the Apple iPhone 5 and its new operating system, OS 6, there is a whole list of new features for businesses to come to terms with.

OS 6 comes with a new maps feature, an update to the voice-activated Siri, Passbook (e-tickets), updates to Facetime, better email, better web browsing, a 240 degree panoramic camera and more.  This will all be supported by a better, faster and stronger iPhone. This is quite a lot to take in for those who are looking to upgrade their Apple products. But it is even more difficult to those who are not familiar with the way Apple products work in the first place.

Apple have now made it incredibly easy for people to synchronise all the files on their laptop (Macbook), iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and, because of this, many companies have decided to use an Apple-based IT infrastructure. This makes it more important than ever for employees to be capable of operating OS 6 and other Apple products. Being able to navigate your way around Windows 7 may not be enough any more.

At the other end of the OS 6 spectrum we have companies who wish to develop and sell apps. With the advances in chip speed brought about by iPhone 5, along with the stunning new 4-inch retina display, learning how to develop and distribute apps for use in OS 6 will be crucial for making the most of the new iPhone’s hardware.

If you’re looking to get to grips with operating Apple products, take a look at our Apple training courses. These range from the basics of Mac to the process of providing products and services to mobile devices like iPads and iPhones. Call today on 0800 612 1299 or email info@tts-uk.com.

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