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How do you think technology is changing project management?

26 December 2011

Project management used to start with an approved printed out Project Charter. Sent between parties via internal mail, key stakeholders would physically sign the document and return it to the project manager to update the version control for the document to version 1.0. The Project Charter would then be filed away for safe-keeping and the real work would begin.

Today, obtaining project approval is still needed, but the way you go about securing sponsor sign off is different. Due to technologies now available in the workplace most project sponsors would expect the entire approvals process to be done by email. Documents and email are stored electronically on a central shared server, along with scanned copies of any signed documents. This is now the accepted way of working, even in industries like financial services which typically take a while to catch up.

In the (recent) past the monthly report would be an adequate representation of a projects status. It was acknowledged that it was not a real-time project position, but it was accurate enough for the purposes of judging progress against milestones and budget. In general, people were happy with this level of detail, even though they knew it could no longer be true. Only in an emergency would any one ask to see anything more up to date.

Today, project stakeholders have different expectations about project information, because they can get other information at the click of a button. If you want to know the weather in Barcelona or the real-time stock prices on the FTSE you type it in to a search engine and bang! the answer is there in a flash! This lack of real-time data on projects status is no longer acceptable to stakeholders and project managers now have to deal with these raised expectations and always be on top of a project’s status.

The way projects are managed had to evolve. The development of new technologies such as softwares and programs enable tasks to be managed and carried out more effectively. Primavera enables businesses to manage projects in way which saves time, increase productivity and improves communication. The ability to plan, track, record, adjust and analyse a project at every stage of its lifecycle provides PM’s, directors and stakeholders with new insight and management capabilities and has revolutionised working practises.

How have you adapted your project management practices to the evolving needs of your hyper connected stakeholders? If you’re not yet using Primavera in your business, why not enquire about a beginners course with Total Training Solutions to get you started? Sign your staff up for a Primavera course too and ensure your company is working to its maximum capacity, increasing productivity and ultimately, revenue.

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