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Agile Project Management training courses

  • Agile Project Management Qualifications

    01 September 2011

    Agile has caught the attention of business leaders in the UK and globally as a means of managing change, reducing time to market, eliminating waste and attracting and retaining customers. It is no longer just a static piece of software programming but has grown to be a business model used by organisations around the world to improve their way of working.

    The Agile framework allows businesses to foresee situations and outcomes through its development cycle. This allows them to prepare for change and then go on to use Agile’s methods to adapt to this change in a flexible and timely manner.

    So how will the Agile model benefit the challenges of your business?

    At Total Training Solutions Agile Project Management courses fall under what we call the Professional Best Practice umbrella; courses that address the needs of organisations and those in project-focused environments. They provide the learner with the skills to run projects of all kinds and sizes more effectively by providing them with the correct and necessary business applications and management strategy.

    For example the Agile Project Management Foundation training courses provide an introduction to Agile theories and the principles of leading Agile methods. The Agile Foundation and Practitioner course offers an understanding of DSDM Atern Agile and is divided into three sections: an overview of the Agile model and how it works, setting up an Agile project and delivering a project. Agile with PRINCE2 (R) /PMI Project Management explores how Agile can enhance the Project Management experience of traditional approaches like PRINCE2 and PMI. The Agile Project Management Advanced training courses look more in depth at the relationship between Agile and Scrum projects and are intended for Product Owners.

    To book or enquire about an Agile course with Total Training Solutions please call our team on 0800 612 1299.

  • Agile Scrum Quick Reference App

    16 September 2011

    The Scrum project management system, part of the Agile system can now be found on an app for Android, Blackberry and iOS which allows owners to quickly reference the principles of the system. It is described by its developers, Sulaba, as ‘a memory refreshing tool’ for seasoned project managers or ‘a simple, basic and brief instruction set for accomplishing a specific task by a novice project manager’.

    The app is split into two modules, Agile and Scrum, with both containing overviews of their respective terminology, principles, risks and so on. It also features a glossary section containing formulas and terms.

    The quick reference app makes for a useful, to-hand tool when on the go, in meetings or when other technology (power point and internet connections) fails. The app makes research and project planning a simpler task by providing the user with the key Scrum and Agile application models at the flick of a switch. Working from home or in-transit need not hinder the planning process as information can be accessed instantly through this handy app.

    Of course, thorough prior knowledge of the methodologies are highly recommended and the app shouldn’t be relied upon to solve all your project planning needs. A professional course and qualification, like the ones offered by Total Training Solutions, is strongly advised. The Professional Scrum Master does exactly what it says on the tin and will have you up-to-speed and confident with all the Scrum applications and theologies in just 2 days. The Agile Project Management course will give you a solid and concise understanding of the Agile model and how to apply it to your business sector. To enquire about either of these courses call 0800 612 1299 or email info@tts-uk.com. Search the Total Training Solutions directory for full course listings.

  • What is Project Management?

    03 April 2012

    Project management is the ‘discipline of planning, organising, securing, and managing resources to achieve specific goals.’ In general terms, a project is a temporary task with a defined beginning and end, usually with time and budgetary constraints. Project management strives to complete the task, whilst meeting these limitations.

    Two of the main players in terms of computer-based and I.T. program Project Management systems are PRINCE2 and Agile.

    PRINCE2, (that’s PRojects IN Controlled Environments 2) is a structured approach with a clearly defined framework. It works by implementing procedures and coordinating people and activities to ensure a project is completed. It provides design and supervising structures and explanations of what to do if a project has to be adjusted. The PRINCE2 method is divided into manageable stages, each with key inputs and outputs to meet specific goals. It allows for ‘efficient control of resources and deviations from the plan.’

    Contrasting with the PRINCE2 is Agile. This approach is based on the principles of ‘human interaction management’ which basically means the Agile system allows for human input. The framework is seen as a series of relatively small tasks conceived and executed as the situation demands. It allows businesses to foresee situations and outcomes through its development cycle thus preparing them for change and to go on and use Agile’s methods to adapt to this change in a flexible and timely manner.

    Taking this human interaction approach to the next level is Scrum, an incremental part of the Agile methodology system. Key features are the cycle system which allows for changes by the client at any stage of the project. The step-by-step approach means rather than planning the entire project at the beginning, you to learn from earlier parts of the process, adjust and continue.

    Total Training Solutions offer courses in Project Management:

    To book on any of these courses, please call Total Training Solutions on 0800 612 1299 or email the team at info@tts-uk.com.

  • What level of Project Management do you need?

    17 April 2012

    There are hundreds of Project Management courses and qualifications on the market, but what level of qualification do you really need to work in Project Management?

    Businesses and organisations all over the world now use some sort of Project Management system or another to deliver individual projects and the bigger company strategy. The success of these projects relies on the right people, with the right qualifications and expertise carrying out the right tasks. Varying levels of Project Management are needed within an organisation, as is effective delegation. The biggest asset in a PM is the art of delegation. Assigning tasks to team members with the most appropriate skills to complete it will make the whole process run more smoothly.

    PM’s need to work to a framework such as PRINCE2 or Agile. This framework needs to run through the organisation to work effectively. With this in place processes and projects will run more efficiently and rely less on individual success but on repeated and measurable success. Projects will deliver against cost, time, scope, quality and perhaps most importantly, objectives. Having adequate staff trained to the right level to deliver these objectives is key.

    Project Management training courses offered by Total Training Solutions include a range of early, foundation courses, helping you understand the basics and get a grip of the theology behind the methodology and how to apply it to tasks. The PRINCE2 Foundation and Agile Foundation and Practitioner are two such courses. As you develop in your experience and PM career, you may need to take subsequent certificates like the Advanced Project Management in Primavera P6 which delves into in-depth planning and analysis training. Higher and more specialised levels of qualification are also available for the established PM, such as the Master in Sustainability in Project Management.

    To develop your Project Management career visit the Total Training Solutions website and browse the course directory. When you’re ready to book or if you have any questions please call 0800 612 1299 or email info@tts-uk.com

  • The advantages of having a good Project Manager

    25 April 2012

    In short, a Project Manager directs a team to the completion of a project. The role varies according to industry but core attributes include balancing timescale, costs and scope as the team work to meet objectives. They plan, oversee, analyse, modify and sign-off projects and tasks.

    In last week’s blog we touched on the importance of delegation in a good Project Manager and picking the right team members to carry out individual tasks. As well as managing the team and assigning them tasks, a good PM will regularly update customers, shareholders and management on the projects development and work with other support staff.

    A PM oversees individual tasks and ensures they are on track to move the project to completion. The success or failure of a project often depends on the PM’s competency.

    Appointing or employing a skilled PM can boost morale and productivity in a struggling business or team. Their experience should bring control and order to the table and ensure a project moves forward without delay, mistakes or overspend.

    In most cases a good Project Manager would have started their career with a Project Management qualification or two. An accredited certificate in the field will teach you the fundamentals of Project Management theories and how to apply them to real-case scenarios. When applying for a job or promotion, an official qualification will stand you out against those with no relevant skills.

    Project Management courses offered by Total Training Solutions include:
    Fundamentals of Project Management – entry-level course which provides a comprehensive overview of project management that focuses on key success factors, decisions and consequences
    ISEB Foundation Certificate in IS Project Management – intended for delegates who are new to the project management discipline, and working within an IT project environment
    Project Management in Primavera P6 – hands-on training for the Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management client/server solution, leading participants through the entire life-cycle, from planning to execution
    Agile with PRINCE2/PMI Project Management – this course considered the leading Agile approaches and how they can compatibly work together with PRINCE2, PMI and other such similar methods.

    The range and scope of qualifications at Total Training Solutions for the PM are countless, each with their own specific skill-set depending on career level and sector. Browse our course directory for the course that will help you on your way to becoming a great Project Manager.

    You can get in touch to book a course or to ask any questions by calling 0800 612 1299 or emailing info@tts-uk.com

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