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ISEB training courses

  • Who is ISEB?

    02 January 2012

    Information Systems Examination Board (ISEB) is an examination awarding body and a part of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.

    ISEB offers business analysis training and qualifications in eight major IT subject areas:

    • IT Service Management/ITIL
    • Software Testing
    • Sustainable IT
    • Business Analysis
    • Systems Development
    • Project Management and Support
    • IT Governance, Information and Security
    • IT Assets and Infrastructure
    • Green IT

    Originally started to meet the needs of the National Computing Centre (NCC) and BCS and their 'Certificate in Systems Analysis and Design', the Systems Analysis Examination Board was developed. With the development of a new Project Management qualification in 1989, the qualification portfolio expanded and the Systems Analysis Examination Board changed its name to Information Systems Examination Board (ISEB).

    The qualifications offered by ISEB are available in various levels:

    • ISEB Foundation Level - A broad introduction to a discipline.
    • ISEB Practitioner Level - Practical application within a specific discipline.
    • ISEB Higher Level - In depth coverage within a specific discipline for specialists or managers.

    The ISEB Foundation in Business Analysis course offered by Total Training Solutions provides candidates with the skills and knowledge needed for this pivotal role which acts as a bridge between the business and IT systems. It provides a foundation for the other ISEB certificates such as Information Systems (IS) Consultancy and Business Change. The qualification can also be used to provide a foundation for specialists in other disciplines, particularly Project Managers and System Developers.

    Further ISEB courses from Total Training Solutions include:

    • Oral Exam Preparation Workshop which leads to the ISEB Diploma in Business Analysis,
    • Modelling Business Processes where delegates learn to identify, evaluate and improve processes to meet challenging changes in their given industry. This course equips them with the tools to do so.
    • Requirements Engineering develops the skills needed to actually carry out the identified improvements and how to communicate these changes effectively to staff, stakeholders and decision makers to ensure requirements are realistic and achievable.

    For a full list of ISEB courses available from Total Training Solutions please browse the course directory. To make a booking please call 0800 612 1299 or email info@tts-uk.co.uk

  • ISEB Business Analysis Diploma from TTS - everything you need in one package

    09 January 2012

    From October 2011 the ISEB Business Analysis Diploma will be known as the BCS Diploma in Business Analysis. The structure of the Diploma remains the same but updates are being made to the syllabus for some modules.

    BCA, The Chartered Institute for IT, states on their website that, “Business Analysis plays a pivotal role within an organisation, helping to identify business needs and determine solutions to business problems. The Diploma in Business Analysis is the international, industry-recognised certification that truly demonstrates the knowledge, skills and capabilities to be an effective Business Analyst.”

    The Diploma is made up of 2 core modules that must be passed and then 1 from a selection of 4 knowledge-based topics and 1 from 4 practitioner elements. These written exams are then followed by an oral examination before the Diploma is certified.

    These modules can be studied for and the exams sat individually or through a fast-track programme like the one offered by Total Training Solutions. There are no prerequisites for this 10 day residential package as it will equip delegates with little or no previous experience with the full range of knowledge and skills needed to take on the role of Business Analyst.

    The course covers all aspects of business analysis from law, government and legal issues, professional bodies, financial and management accounting, analysing business activities, and indentifying solutions, through to implementing, managing and negotiating requirements.

    The structure of the course means delegates will learn the skills needed in a chronological way with plenty of opportunity to put their new found knowledge into practical tasks. Some evening work each day should also be expected, including case study exercises and exam revision.

    The Total Training Solutions course fee even includes the oral examination (usually £375.00). We will book the oral exam on the delegate’s behalf but the oral exam is not conducted during the fast-track course. Usually the oral examination is taken close to the completion of the written exams but it can be sat at anytime within a year of receiving the final written exam result. For those that do delay the oral exam, Total Training Solutions also offers a Business Analysis Oral Examination Preparation Workshop.

    To book your place on the Total Training Solutions BCS Diploma in Business Analysis course please call one of our friendly team on 0800 612 1299. Full course content details are available online and any queries can be emailed to info@tts-uk.com.

  • Is ISEB the same as ITIL?

    16 January 2012

    In short, no. This is a common area of confusion!

    ISEB is the exam board; ITIL is a set of accredited methodologies applied by such examining bodies for qualifications in IT Service Management.

    • ISEB = Information Systems Examination Board
    • ITIL = Information Technology Infrastructure Library

    ISEB offers an extensive portfolio of qualifications in the Information Systems sector. For the more specialised area of Service Management, an examining board like ISEB will use the ITIL framework which is specific to this area.

    Under the ITIL structure, students gain a clear understanding of the service management lifecycle principles and key processes and how they relate to the business, customers and industry standards. Delegates will learn from real life examples and discover approaches to help them implement and apply service management principles.

    According to reports, in the UK more people have obtained their ITIL certification through ISEB than any other examination board.

    Total Training Solutions offers dozens of ITIL courses. From the Foundation certificate and exam that equip delegates with best practices, principles and processes, to Intermediate qualifications in specific areas of Service Management. Here there are ISEB Specialist Certificates in Business Relationship Management, Change Management and Problem Management amongst others. Further ITIL V3 Certificates include a range of Capability and Lifecycle courses;

    The ITIL Foundation course from Total Training Solutions is a stand-alone qualification and also satisfies the pre-requisites for entry to further ITIL courses and many related courses such as ISO/IEC 20000 Consultancy.

    For more information about the ITIL qualifications offered by Total Training Solutions please read the course contents or email any questions to info@tts-uk.com. For a more direct response you can call one of our friendly team on 0800 612 1299 or even speak to a team member via our Live Chat feature, available at the click of a button on the top right of our website.

  • Why should you choose the ISEB certification route?

    23 January 2012

    ISEB (Information Systems Examination Board) is the examination body associated with BCS, The Chartered Institute for I.T. By this merit an ISEB qualification is an industry recognised qualification, both in the UK and overseas.

    The benefits of such recognition include showing a commitment to the field, to study and to the progress of your career through official channels. The skills and knowledge an ISEB course can offer you, particularly the Foundation in Business Analysis course, can lead into numerous roles with the Information Systems industry.

    A helpful diagram from BCS that charts how your career progression might benefit from ISEB qualification is shown below.

    (click on image to enlarge)

    There is, however, conflicting opinion about the need for certification in this field at all as many job descriptions do not ask for ISEB qualification as a mandatory requirement in candidates. If this is the case, then why bother?

    ISEB qualifications are specific to an individual but many organisations use the ISEB qualifications structure to manage skills development at the corporate level. Your level of ISEB qualification will indicate at what position you may fit into a company and also your level of skill, knowledge and most importantly experience. These factors may be the difference between a successful job application and/or promotion.

    The qualifications offered by ISEB are available in various levels:

    • ISEB Foundation Level – offers a broad introduction to the field
    • ISEB Practitioner Level – a more specific discipline
    • ISEB Higher Level – In depth coverage for specialists or managers

    Total Training Solutions offer many ISEB courses and modules that make up these qualifications. For a full list of ISEB courses available from Total Training Solutions please browse the course directory. To make a booking please call 0800 612 1299 or email info@tts-uk.co.uk.

  • ISEB Courses! What’s New?

    30 January 2012

    There have been a number of developments to the ISEB (BCS Professional Certification) portfolio in the last 6 months, the most notable of which is the re-naming of the ISEB Business Analysis Diploma. As mentioned in the blog post from January 9th entitled ‘ISEB Business Analysis Diploma from TTS – everything you need in one package’, as of October 2011 the Diploma is now known as the BCS Diploma in Business Analysis. The structure of the Diploma remains the same but updates have been made to the syllabus for some modules.

    This change has come about as the result of rigorous research in the IT industry with professionals, training providers, employers and experts. The updates mean the course range is now better aligned with the BCS skills and competency framework, SFIAplus, as well as the products and services offered with a BCS membership. The institute believes that by bringing the certification portfolio into sync with their other services they can “provide IT professionals with the additional professional development and career support they deserve.”

    BCS CESG Certified Professional Scheme
    New! Information Assurance Certification
    The CESG (The National Technical Authority for Information Assurance) Certified Professional Scheme provides a means of independent assessment and verification for those working in Information Assurance.

    The BCS website states, “The scheme aims to demonstrate that IA professionals have the skills and experience required to carry out their role effectively and deliver a consistently high standard in IA. It also provides those working in IA with a clearly defined career development path.” The scheme is currently being piloted ahead of its full roll out in Spring 2012.

    Green IT portfolio additions and updates
    New! Energy & Cost Management
    An intermediate certificate aimed at building awareness of best practices at a high-level and to create strategies for controlling and managing energy efficiency in data centres.

    Updated! EU Code of Conduct
    This certificate deals exclusively with an organisation’s green strategy. It relates to the effective use of energy by software, IT systems and support infrastructure in the data centre.

    The range of ISEB course offered here at Total Training Solutions can be found on our website. They cover foundation certificates in Information Systems Project Management and IT Enabled Business Change, intermediate and practitioner courses in Enterprise & Solution Architecture and specialist qualifications in everything from Service Level Management to Supplier Management.

    To book a course or for further information please call 0800 612 1299 or email info@tts-uk.com.

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