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ITIL training courses

  • Changes to ITIL

    06 October 2010

    Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is continually changing. Those in the industry will know that the practices for managing information, services, development and operations are constantly updating, changing the way organisations plan and support IT services to businesses.

    ITIL has become a popular choice for many businesses, providing them with a customisable practical framework for which they can plan ahead to achieve quality service and overcome difficulties associated with the growth of IT systems.

    Benefits of ITIL

    Adopting ITIL can add great benefits to your business which include:

    • Improved IT services
    • Reduced costs
    • Improved productivity
    • Improved use of skill and experience

    News of changes to ITIL is likely to be welcomed by professionals in the industry as it is anticipated that the changes are likely to address many of the suggestions made by the training community to make ITIL easier to teach. It is also suggested the changes are designed to resolve any errors or inconsistencies in text and diagrams both in the content and presentation to improve consistency and clarity. It is anticipated that the changes to ITIL will be completed by the winter of 2011.

    Total Training Solutions offer a wide range of practical courses; take a look at our range of industry leading ITIL courses.

  • ITIL v3 Qualification Scheme explained

    11 October 2010

    Many countries around the world are using Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) to help manage their IT communications. Its popularity is growing due to the fact that ITIL is helping companies develop a great foundation to systematically improve the delivery of IT consistently.

    Gaining an ITIL qualification can be extremely useful if you are looking to work with ITIL on a daily basis. ITIL V3 Qualifications are available at four levels (see diagram below) with each certificate carrying a number of credits towards the advanced level qualifications.


    Types of qualifications

    The four types of qualifications are:

    • ITIL V3 Foundation qualification which is a two credit course aimed at individuals or professionals who require a basic understanding of how the ITIL framework is used within the organisation.
    • ITIL V3 Intermediate qualification offers two routes to choose from depending on the type of profession or career students are looking to pursue

      The ‘Lifecycle’ option contains five modules which are each worth three credits and includes:

      • Service design
      • Service transition
      • Service operation
      • Continual Service Improvement
      • Service strategy

      The ‘Capability’ option has four modules which are worth four credits each:

      • Planning, protection and optimisation
      • Service offerings
      • Release, control & validation
      • Operational support & analysis

      The course is then tied together with the ‘Managing Across the Lifecycle’ module which is a free-standing qualification, but is also the final module of the Service Lifecycle and/or Service Capability modules that leads to the ITIL Expert in IT Service Management.

    • ITIL Expert qualification is achieved by accumulating credits through the first two schemes. To gain expert qualification in ITIL you have to achieve a minimum of 22 credits from the previous ITIL qualifications; two of which must be from the Foundation module and five must be from the Managing Across the Lifecycle module which is the final step.
    • ITIL Master level is the highest qualification for ITIL and leads on to an ITSM professional certificate. The qualification is designed for individuals who can demonstrate defined ITIL practices within the organisation.

    To find out more information on ITIL courses call Total Training Solutions on 0800 612 1299 or view our range of ITIL training courses.

  • ITIL v3 Credit System explained

    14 October 2010

    A credit system has been introduced to support the ITIL V3 qualifications. From the V3 qualification to the earlier V1 & V2 schemes, the credit system shows recognition of investment the candidate has put in to the ITIL scheme.

    The credit scores work by assigning a score to each of the ITIL qualifications upon completion of each module. From the foundation through to the expert scheme a credit score is added together and totalled up in an individual credit profile.

    Individuals need to achieve a certain number of credit scores in order to pursue certain ITIL qualifications. The expert qualification in particular requires a minimum of 22 credits from previous modules.

    ITIL V3 Credit scores

    From building up a credit score candidates can achieve a higher level of qualification and eventually master using ITIL in the workplace. The modules are designed to give a clear insight into using ITIL in the workplace and significantly improving their career prospects.

    ITIL V3 training credit profiler diagram

    Figure 1 – Official ITIL Credit Profiler

    For more information on ITIL credits or modules give us a call on 0800 612 1299.

  • Is ISEB the same as ITIL?

    16 January 2012

    In short, no. This is a common area of confusion!

    ISEB is the exam board; ITIL is a set of accredited methodologies applied by such examining bodies for qualifications in IT Service Management.

    • ISEB = Information Systems Examination Board
    • ITIL = Information Technology Infrastructure Library

    ISEB offers an extensive portfolio of qualifications in the Information Systems sector. For the more specialised area of Service Management, an examining board like ISEB will use the ITIL framework which is specific to this area.

    Under the ITIL structure, students gain a clear understanding of the service management lifecycle principles and key processes and how they relate to the business, customers and industry standards. Delegates will learn from real life examples and discover approaches to help them implement and apply service management principles.

    According to reports, in the UK more people have obtained their ITIL certification through ISEB than any other examination board.

    Total Training Solutions offers dozens of ITIL courses. From the Foundation certificate and exam that equip delegates with best practices, principles and processes, to Intermediate qualifications in specific areas of Service Management. Here there are ISEB Specialist Certificates in Business Relationship Management, Change Management and Problem Management amongst others. Further ITIL V3 Certificates include a range of Capability and Lifecycle courses;

    The ITIL Foundation course from Total Training Solutions is a stand-alone qualification and also satisfies the pre-requisites for entry to further ITIL courses and many related courses such as ISO/IEC 20000 Consultancy.

    For more information about the ITIL qualifications offered by Total Training Solutions please read the course contents or email any questions to info@tts-uk.com. For a more direct response you can call one of our friendly team on 0800 612 1299 or even speak to a team member via our Live Chat feature, available at the click of a button on the top right of our website.

  • Save time and money by avoiding travel and accommodation charges with Virtual Learning

    17 January 2013

     As we saw last week, Virtual Learning is a way for you to improve your skill set and enhance your career prospects over the internet. This is especially beneficial when rising transport and accommodation costs are proving prohibitive to accessing traditional classroom learning.

    As we begin the new year, we are once again faced with above-inflation increases to rail fares and expect increases in fuel prices over the coming months. With accommodation price rises also showing no sign of stopping, even a short-period training course can easily cost more than the price of the course itself. Additionally, the inconvenience of the time taken to travel to, and attend, training courses is often as big a commitment to make as the money involved. The benefits of further training should not, however, be underestimated. This is where Virtual Learning fits in.

    Being able to connect to a virtual learning environment from anywhere in the world means that students can avoid any additional expenditure and get the most value for their money. As long as you have an internet connection, you can be 'in-class' with Virtual Learning, getting exactly the same experience as students who can attend in person. There are no 'hidden' fees, and time isn't wasted in physically attending a course. Students get quality learning with no drawbacks.

    If you want to improve your skills, but can't commit the time or money, then Virtual Learning may be for you. At Total Training Solutions we offer several Virtual Learning courses, including ITIL, PRINCE2 and VMware, to ensure that you can get the learning that you require without having to sacrifice time and money you can’t afford. To find out how Virtual Learning can fit around you, call us on 0800 612 1299 or email any questions to info@tts-uk.com.

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