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Summer courses for students

03 July 2014

If you’re a student in the UK, the chances are that you have now finished for the summer and have a few long months of free time ahead. While many students opt for a summer job, these rarely provide relevant experience for your chosen career. In this competitive job market, students are encouraged to start obtaining relevant experience and adding to their CV as early as possible, so why not consider taking a course alongside your summer job?

While degree courses provide a wonderful overall education in your chosen subject, they sometimes lack the ability to focus on a particular element of the course. Many students will choose to complete a Masters degree following graduation in order to do this, however these can be costly and time consuming. Taking a course over the summer can be a great solution. They look great on your CV and allow you to focus on a more specific topic - either an element of the course which you find particularly interesting, or an area which you wish to branch into as a career following university. This will not only show employers that you have a keen interest in your chosen field, but can also give you an edge over those without a more specific qualification. For example, students completing an IT degree may choose to take a course in their favourite application, demonstrating an in depth knowledge to future potential employers, at a fraction of the cost of a Masters.

Certain qualifications can also help students gain hands-on experience in their field. Many IT-related courses from Total Training Solutions are taught either online or virtually, allowing students to use their skills as they go, and build on what they have already learnt in a more traditional learning environment. You may also be able to use your university education as a foundation, before gaining an advanced or expert level qualification in your own time.

Alternatively, students who graduated at the end of this term may choose to take a course over the summer to top up their knowledge before seeking full time employment. Finding a job following graduation can take months, so using that time productively is essential. If there was an element of your university course which you found difficult, and want to revisit before presenting your skills to employers, taking a course in that subject could be a valuable way to spend your summer. It also shows future employers that you are thorough and willing work hard in your chosen field.

If you’re a student or recent graduate looking for a course to take over the summer, check out our course directory, or send us an enquiry. You can also call us on 0800 612 1299 with any questions.

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