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ACMT Full Course

  • Price £2,450.00
  • Duration 8 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


Individuals wishing to become an Apple Certified Macintosh Technician (ACMT) must complete the ACMT hardware and software, plus the AppleCare Service Fundamentals Exam.

This eight day course encompasses both aspects. Three days are spent preparing for the hardware exam and two days for the software exam. The course is a mixture of leader-led theory and extensive hands on practicals including take apart sessions on the latest Apple desktop and portable hardware.
The Mac OS and Hardware exam allows an individual to focus on how Apple Desktop and Portable computers function and how to troubleshoot them. The OS requirement is to ensure that technicians have the knowledge to quickly and efficiently differentiate between software and hardware issues.


No specific prior knowledge is required. However, general computer hardware theory knowledge and basic knowledge of Apple products and Operating System will come in useful.


What the ACMT course will teach you:

Comprehensive understanding of the Apple Desktop and Portable Range. Their specifications, key features and hardware troubleshooting and repair.

Complete training on how to troubleshoot the hardware inside the Apple Desktop and Portable Range.
Overall understanding of Computer technologies including Apple specific technologies.

Product knowledge and troubleshooting of the Apple Wireless networking range.

Demonstrations by certified Apple Hardware Trainers on repair techniques.

Instructor led extensive student hands on take apart labs with the current Apple Desktop and Portable Range.

Overview of the current OS X Operation System (Yosemite v10.10) including installation, features, configuration and troubleshooting.

Plus much more!

Course Content

Apple Service Fundamentals Content and Exam (SVC-16A)

 Day 1
• Customer Experience Skills and Managing
• Customer Expectations
• Using Your Resources
• Determining Service Levels
• Documenting Customer Interactions

Day 2
• ESD Precautions
• Recognizing Safety Issues
• Embedded Battery Safety
• Basic Troubleshooting
• Apple Service Fundamentals Exam (SVC-16A)
ACMT 2016 Mac Service Content and Exam (MAC-16A)

Day 3
• OS X Setup and Maintenance
• OS X File System
• OS X Permissions
• OS X User Accounts
• OS X Security
• Time Machine

Day 4
• Time Machine (cont’d)
• Connectivity
• Mac Troubleshooting
• OS X Troubleshooting Tools
• Troubleshooting Startup Issues

Day 5

• Troubleshooting Startup Issues (cont’d)
• Service Guides
• Service Diagnostics
• Power Management
• Repairing all Macs

Day 6

• Repairing all Macs (cont’d)
• Servicing Mac mini
• Servicing Mac Pro
• Servicing iMac

Day 7
• Servicing iMac (cont’d)
• Servicing MacBook Air
• Servicing MacBook
• Servicing MacBook Pro 13-inch

Day 8
• Servicing MacBook Pro 13-inch (cont’d)
• Servicing MacBook Pro 15-inch
• ACMT 2016 Mac Service Certification Exam (MAC-16A)

On passing both of the associated exams, you’ll become a fully certified Apple Mac Technician - ACMT

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