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Acrobat X essentials

  • Price £350.00
  • Duration 1 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


This one day course is designed for anyone who will use a computer and Acrobat X Standard or Professional to work with PDF files.

Assumed Knowledge

Delegates should be comfortable working with either the Windows or Mac operating systems, and should feel at ease performing tasks such as copy and paste, open and save files, switch between windows, and starting programs.


•access information in a PDF document.
•create a PDF document.
•modify a PDF document.
•add PDF navigation aids.
•work with multiple PDF documents.
•review PDF documents.

Course Content

Starting with Acrobat
•Examining initial screen
•Menu bar
•Navigation panes
•Showing and hiding toolbars
•Converting toolbars into a palette
•Adding and removing toolbar tools
•Navigation Panes
•Setting preferences

Making PDFs
•From Print Menu
•to Adobe PDF
•or Distiller
•In MS Office
•PDF Maker
•Creating PDF from images
•Merging PDFs
•PDF Portfolios
•Convert Web Pages To PDF

Adding Navigation
•Create hierarchy
•Special actions

Working with PDFs
•Navigating through documents – forward and back
•Relative movement
•Specific page navigation
•Marque tool
•Loupe tool
•Hand tool
•Snapshot tool
•Page Layouts
•Searching for text
•Arranging Documents

Manipulating Pages in PDF
•Rearranging pages
•Extracting pages
•Inserting one file into another
•Replacing pages
•Rotating pages
•Cropping pages

Adding and Changing Fonts and Graphics
•Touch up tool
•Change line art position, images, rotate, scale and size
•Edit line in Illustrator and images in Photoshop
•Adding Headers and Footers (add copyright and page numbers)
•Adding background
•Adding watermark

Adding Comments To A PDF
•Sticky Notes
•Change icons and colour
•Can reply to Notes, change status
•Searching notes
•Checking spelling
•Exporting and importing comments
•Enable Reader commenting
•Text Edits
•Callout comments
•Starting E-Mail based review
•Review Tracker

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