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Adobe Edge Animate

  • Price £325.00
  • Duration 1 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


Adobe Edge Animate Getting Started is a one day training course which takes you through the basics of using the new Adobe Edge Animate package to create animated web content using standards like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

The course covers topics such as the Edge Animate interface, working with the timeline, importing graphics, creating animations, creating realistic motion, using animation within your webpages and more.

This course focuses on the Adobe Edge Animate application and does not cover the actual HTML5 syntax / code, which is covered in our HTML5 Getting Started and Advanced HTML5 courses.


This course is aimed at web designers who want to be able to create animations on their web pages without the use of Flash or other plugins.

Assumed Knowledge

Before attending this course you should have attended the Intro to HTML and CSS courses or have an equivalent level of ability.

Course Content

•Animation on the web - the role of JavaScript and CSS
•What is Adobe Edge Animate
•Why use Adobe Edge Animate

The Adobe Edge Animate Interface
•The Stage
•The Elements panel
•The Properties panel
•The Timeline panel

Creating animations with Adobe Edge Animate
•The basics of animation
•Animation concepts
•Frame-based animation

Animating your Adobe Edge Animate objects
•Creating a project
•Setting up your project
•Creating objects
•Object properties
•Using the timeline

The Adobe Edge Animate Timeline
•Adding movement
•Reversing movement
•Playing your animations

•Text and the web
•Adding text
•Text properties
•Animating text
•Rotating text

Importing graphics into Adobe Edge Animate
•Graphic file types
•Using svg files
•Using gifs
•Using jpgs
•Using pngs
•Animating your imports

More animation with Adobe Edge Animate
•Creating realistic motion
•Targeted transitions

Using your animation within your web page
•Preview your animation
•Looking at the source files created
•Inserting your animation into an already existing web page
•Animating web pages
•Repeating actions
•Creating HTML menus

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