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Adobe Flash CS5 Level 2

  • Price £295.00
  • Duration 1 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


You will plan, design and develop complex Flash projects using the Adobe Flash CS5 application.

Target Audience: This course is intended for users who want to expand their introductory skills in developing animations and working with ActionScript 3.0.


•Attendance of Adobe Flash CS5 Level 1 course: ADFLCS5L2 (or equivalent knowledge)
•Students should also have the desire to expand their knowledge of ActionScript 3.0


Delegates will learn how to:

•Plan a Flash project
•Design a project
•Manage symbols
•Lay out text in a Flash document
•Create advanced animations
•Add audio to a movie
•Work with ActionScript 3.0
•Publish a movie in different file formats
•Extend Flash

Course Content

Lesson 1: Planning a Flash Project

•Topic 1A: Understand a Workflow
•Topic 1B: Translate Workflow Plans to Flash
•Topic 1C: Identify Elements of a Project Plan
Lesson 2: Designing a Project

•Topic 2A: Initiate a Project
•Topic 2B: Create Design Patterns
Lesson 3: Managing Symbols

•Topic 3A: Use Movie Clips
•Topic 3B: Use Buttons
Lesson 4: Laying Out Text

•Topic 4A: Lay Out Text in a Flash Movie
•Topic 4B: Embed Text Fonts in a Movie
Lesson 5: Creating Advanced Animations

•Topic 5A: Work with Inverse Kinematics
•Topic 5B: Add Motion to Animations
•Topic 5C: Apply 3D Transformation to an Object
•Topic 5D: Apply Effects to an Object
Lesson 6: Adding Audio to a Movie

•Topic 6A: Import Audio
•Topic 6B: Control Audio
Lesson 7: Working with ActionScript 3.0

•Topic 7A: Understand Additional ActionScript Concepts
•Topic 7B: Add Interactivity Using ActionScript Elements
•Topic 7C: Use Dynamic Mask
•Topic 7D: Work with Pre-Built Components
Lesson 8: Publishing a Movie in Different Formats

•Topic 8A: Add Metadata to SWF Files
•Topic 8B: Ensure Accessibility
•Topic 8C: Create Multiple Outputs
Lesson 9: Extending Flash

•Topic 9A: Understand JSFL
•Topic 9B: Understand Adobe Extension Manager CS5

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