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Adobe Flash CS6 Level 1

  • Price £315.00
  • Duration 1 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


The tools available in Adobe Flash CS6 can be used to create and manipulate a variety of graphics and animations ranging from simple designs to complex animated sequences. In this course, you will learn to navigate the Adobe Flash CS6 interface, and gain knowledge in using the tools and features necessary for drawing graphics and creating a website that contains an animated introduction.


  • Get started with Flash CS6
  • Add shapes and text to new projects
  • Use symbols and layers
  • Import assets into Flash
  • Create and modify animations
  • Enter simple code in ActionScript

Course Content

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Flash CS6

  • Topic A: Identify Components of the Flash CS6 Interface
  • Topic B: Identify Elements of a Flash Project
  • Topic C: Customise the Flash CS6 Interface

Lesson 2: Planning a Flash Project

  • Topic A: Establish Project Requirements and Documentation
  • Topic B: Implement Best Practices in Rich Media Design

Lesson 3: Creating Illustrations in Flash

  • Topic A: Start a New Project
  • Topic B: Draw Basic Shapes
  • Topic C: Draw Advanced Shapes
  • Topic D: Add Static Text

Lesson 4: Organising the Project

  • Topic A: Use Folders to Organise the Library
  • Topic B: Use Symbols to Organise for Reuse
  • Topic C: Use Layers to Create Visual Depth

Lesson 5: Importing Assets into Flash

  • Topic A: Use Copyrighted Material
  • Topic B: Import Bitmap and Vector Images
  • Topic C: Optimise Bitmap Images for Flash

Lesson 6: Creating Animation

  • Topic A: Create Frame-by-Frame Animation
  • Topic B: Create Tweens and Embedded Animation
  • Topic C: Create Motion Tween Animations
  • Topic D: Animate a Mask
  • Topic E: Create a Button Rollover
  • Topic F: Working with Motion Paths

Lesson 7: Adding Basic ActionScript

  • Topic A: Use ActionScript to Control Animation
  • Topic B: Add Button Actions

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