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Advanced JavaScript

  • Price £695.00
  • Duration 2 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


If you are looking for some advanced JavaScript training that will enable you to add powerful functionality to your websites and applications this is it.

Our 2 day advanced JavaScript course is for those web developers who want to enhance their JavaScript skills. You will learn how to use the Document Object Model to control elements on your page. How to store and manipulate data using JSON, and how to interrogate top-level objects to help you in your web design.

During the course you will learn about cookies, how to control them and use them, and also the various events and how to handle them. Additionally you will learn how to use Objects within JavaScript, how to create them, when to use them, and how to use Regular Expressions in your work.

Finally you will go through how to debug your JavaScript, using various tools, as well as exceptions and how to handle them.

The course will cover some of the most popular JavaScript libraries to help you in your work as well as the basics of using Javascript in a mobile and touch screen environment.


This training course is aimed at those who know basic JavaScript and html/css already. If you are not of this level you may find our Intro to HTML, HTML5 Getting Started and Intro to JavaScript courses of interest.

Course Content

Javascript quick recap
•Variables & functions & loops
•data types

Understanding Scope
•Managing globals
•Working with THIS and NEW

•Creating arrays
•Deleting array elements
•Multidimensional arrays

Using top level objects

Working with the DOM
•What is the DOM?
•Working with nodes
•Working with elements
•Accessing DOM elements•Changing DOM elements
•Creating DOM elements
•The event model
•event handling
•dynamic events
•complex events

•Events and Event listeners•Event handling
•onClick and onLoad
•onBlur and onFocus
•Other events

•Using cookie objects
•Storing cookies
•Processing cookie values
•Deleting cookies

Validating forms
•Getting and setting information within your forms
•Checking your form data

Understanding Objects
•Object basics
•Object literals
•Object inheritance
•Object methods
•Wrapper objects
•Built-in types
•Custom objects
•Prototype functions

Regular expressions
•What are they
•Using regular exprfessions
•Alternatives and groups
•RegExp object

•What is JSON
•Objects and JSON
•Creating some data
•Handling data with JSON
•JavaScript and JSON tools

•What are exceptions
•Handling exceptions
•Using exceptions in your code


•chrome dev tools
•mobile (usb) debuggung

Javascript and mobile
•emulating touch events on the desktop
•testing a touch set of functions
•how to debug your Javascript on a mobile device

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