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Advanced Selling Skills

  • Price £345.00
  • Duration 1 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


This programme is designed to:
Ask delegates to consider aspects of skills understood and used by successful sales people. The day will be a mixture of subject theory, discussion and skills building exercises.




During the day we will be considering:
The selling process and how it links to the customer’s experience of buying.
Appreciate customer psychology regarding high value purchases.
Consolidate the sale effectively thus reinforcing the decision to buy.
Work towards minimising buyer’s change of mind.

Course Content

Considering what we do:
The process of retail selling-A-Z overview
Focus on qualification and demonstration.
What happens to the customers?
Buying motives
Emotional against logical reasons to buy
Difference between needs and wants – Maslow’s 5 step hierarchy
Importance of discovering customer buying motives.
Helping the customer through the buying process.
Closing The Sale.
Introducing Cost
Recognising Buying Signals
Closing Techniques
Maintaining Control
Gaining and Maintaining the Initiative
Why Do Objections Occur?
Objection Handling Techniques
Consolidating The Sale
Thanking the Customer
Organising yourself and the customer
Explaining the process

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