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Agile and Scrum Awareness

  • Price £555.00
  • Duration 1 day(s)
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Agile has caught the attention of business leaders in the UK and globally as a means of managing change, reducing time to market, eliminating waste and attracting and retaining customers. Agile has matured beyond the confines of software development and is being applied by organisations seeking to improve their way of working. The question is – how do organisations best approach this seemingly chaotic topic to address their challenges? We explore the drivers and business value of Agile, introduce valuable practices into the core DNA of your business and highlight cultural and operational changes required for sustainable and effective agility.

This course including a practical exercise provides an introduction to Agile and an overview of the principles of the leading Agile methods; including Scrum, eXtreme Programming and Lean Software Development.

This course is suitable for anyone considering, evaluating or involved in a move towards Agile Project Management and Delivery - to replace or to augment their current processes.


This is an introductory course suitable for people who need to understand the impact of Agile on their business, their operations and their team. This course focuses on the values and principles of Agile. An understanding of project management and/or software development is beneficial, but no technical knowledge is required.


Understand why the Agile values, principles & practises work, the Agile lifecycle, the cultural aspects and have an appreciation of how Agile might work for them.

Course Content

•What Agile is and where it came from
•The Agile Manifesto, principles and practises
•Demming Cycle
•The leading Agile methods, Scrum, XP, Lean…
•Roles & responsibilities in self-organising teams
•Ceremonies & Artefacts
•Requirements & User Stories
•Conway’s Law
•Estimating & planning
•The importance of Quality
•How testing works in Agile projects
•Communication, collaboration and culture
•Agile and outsourcing
•Risks and pitfalls
•Implementing & scaling Agile

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