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Agile Foundation and Practitioner

  • Price £1,395.00
  • Duration 4 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


Software development teams have been using techniques such as Scrum, XP (eXtreme Programming), Lean and others for over a decade.

Agile Project Management goes beyond these techniques to bring innovation, responsiveness and quality to projects across the full gamut of human endeavour.

This course will introduce candidates to principles, processes and practices that can be applied in any sector.

The Agile Project Management qualification aims to address the needs of those working in a project-focused environment who want to be Agile.

Based on the proven fundamentals within DSDM Atern, the certification proves that delegates have gained the knowledge and skills required to deliver Agile Projects in organisations requiring standards, rigour and visibility around Project Management, while at the same time enabling the fast pace, change and empowerment provided by Agile.

The training is delivered by highly experienced project management trainers, with participation by the delegates being integral to the learning process.

Once the booking confirmation has been recieved, candidates will be sent pre-course study work via email which will take approximately 3-5 hours to complete. This pre-course study work is comprised of:
Reading the Agile Pre-Course Study Guide PDF
Reading Chapters 1 to 4 from the official Agile Project Management Handbook v2.0 PDF

A full hard copy of the Agile Project Management Handbook v2.0 will be provided to you upon arrival on the course.

Please note that delegates will be required to complete homework exercises each evening.

Candidates will need to pass the Agile Foundation exam prior to taking the Agile Practioner exam.

Who Should Attend?
This course is suitable for candidates wishing to acquire the knowledge and skills to successfully pass the Agile Foundation and Practitioner exams.

Course Objectives
Learn how to lay the foundations for successful agile projects
Learn how an agile project is managed
Explore the different management styles needed for successful agile projects (compared to "traditional" projects)
Prepare for the Agile PM Foundation and Practitioner examination

Course Outline
This Agile Project Management Foundation & Practitioner course is in two parts: Foundation and Practitioner. The Foundation part lasts three days and includes a one hour multiple choice examination on the afternoon of the third day. The Practitioner part is a one day workshop that includes a two hour, scenario based examination.

Course Content
Choosing the right approach
The basics of Agile Project Management
Roles and Responsibilities
Preparing for an Agile project
The factors that lead to success
How to manage an Agile project
Agile lifecycles
Processes and Products
Communication in an Agile project
Iterative development
Prioritisation and Time boxing
Maintaining control in an Agile project
Managing risk
Requirements and Estimating
Agile Planning
Building in quality

Agile Project Management Foundation Exam Structure
Multiple choice format
60 questions per paper
30 marks required to pass (out of 60 available) - 50%
60 minutes duration

Agile Project Management Practitioner Exam Structure
4 questions per paper, 15 marks available per question
30 marks required to pass (out of 60 available) - 50%
Two hours duration
Open-book (restricted to the manual only) examination

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