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AJAX 101 Yellow Belt

AJAX 101 Yellow Belt
  • Price £697.00
  • Level Introduction
All major credit cards accepted


This three-day course provides comprehensive tuition in implementing AJAX-based functionality in web application development and goes beyond technology essentials to take in user interface, cross-browser and concurrency issues as well as progressive applications of the approach and the implications these carry.


This course is appropriate to all client and server-side developers a like.

Assumed Knowledge

Advanced knowledge and experience of JavaScript and HTML is not essential, although some basic understanding of these languages is assumed.


This course gives a thorough grounding in implementing AJAX-based functionality and goes beyond technology essentials to take in user-interface design, cross-browser considerations and concurrency issues. As well as the use of XML, HTTP Request, it covers ‘on-demand’ JavaScript, dynamic style-sheet loading and the gamut of encoding formats such as XML and JSON.

Course Content

Essential and Advanced JavaScript

  • classes, methods & polymorphism
  • built-in classes, objects & methods
  • exception handling & exception classes
  • XHTML Document Object Models

XML, HTTP Request Basics

  • XHR object instantiation
  • cross-browser coding
  • sending & receiving data
  • (A)Synchronous considerations

Encoding Data

  • plain text
  • XHTML and SOAP
  • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
  • using binary formats

XML, HTTP Request Alternatives

  • dynamic style-sheet loading
  • on-demand JavaScript

Hyper-Text Transport Protocol

  • HTTP headers & methods
  • server responses
  • URL & last-modified detection

Application Design and Implementation

  • concurrency & thread safety
  • guarding against race conditions
  • caching considerations
  • managing latency, timeouts & exceptions

Advanced Techniques

  • transparent & ‘eager’ script loading
  • emulating frames
  • interactive forms
  • logging client-side run-time errors
  • gathering browsing-pattern statistics
  • combining heterogeneous feeds

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