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ASP.NET 101: Rookie

ASP.NET 101: Rookie
  • Price £695.00
  • Level Introduction
  • Duration 3 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


This course is for application developers who know how to create applications and need to learn how to create a functional Web application by using ASP.NET .This course introduces all of the major elements of this powerful server programming language and the hundreds of .Net framework controls and components. This course introduces you to ASP.net programming and methodology to make the most of your dynamic application skills.


This course is primarily aimed at delegates who have a need to build Dynamic Web application using ASP.net technology in place of Classic ASP. PHP, JSP or ColdFusion.

Assumed Knowledge

Delegates should have some server-side knowledge in either Classic ASP. PHP, JSP or ColdFusion. Some experience with Databases will be beneficial also.


Upon successful completion of this course, delegates will have a much more confident understanding of the ASP.net methodology to building dynamic data driven web sites.

Course Content

Introduction ASP.net

  • What is ASP.net?
  • What is the .NET Framework?
  • What are Namespaces?
  • ASP.net Key features

Installing the ASP.net Framework

  • Introduction to Visual Studio Express
  • ASP.net Controls
  • Scripting Basics
  • Setting up your ASP.net environment
  • ASP.net Control Naming Conventions

ASP.net Basics

  • The Script runat instruction
  • IsPostBack
  • Control Properties
  • Handling Form “Post” and “Get”

ASP.net Directories

  • ASP.net Features
  • Code Separation technique
  • Code Behind technique
  • Using DataSource and DataBinding
  • Understanding Viewstate
  • User events and sub routines
  • Dealing with Multiple Commands

ASP.net Controls

  • Server Controls
  • Themes and Skins
  • Understanding the Web configuration file
  • Page Directives
  • Using Trace and debug
  • User Controls (.ascx)

Working with Validator Controls

  • RequiredFieldValidator Control
  • RangeValidator Control
  • ValidationSummary Control
  • RegularExpressionValidator Control
  • CompareValidator Control
  • CustomValidator Control

ASP.net Database Connectivity

  • SQL v OLEDB Namespaces
  • Connecting to an SQL Server Database
  • Connecting to a non- SQL Server Database
  • Connection to a database
  • Database Practical"s
  • Retrieve a single value
  • Retrieving several records
  • Closing Resources
  • Binding Data to a control
  • Using parameters
  • Inserting data
  • Deleting data
  • Searching for data
  • Binding to a DropDownList Control

Overview of other types of ASP.net Controls

  • Standard
  • Data
  • Display
  • Navigation

Data Controls

  • ASP.net objects
  • DataAdaptors : DataSets, DataTables, DataViews

Working with Display controls

  • Binding to a Repeater
  • Working with a DataList
  • Editing in a DataList
  • DataSource Controls
  • Binding to a GridView
  • GridView Sorting
  • Gridview Paging
  • Editing in a Gridview

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