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Being a Leader

  • Price £895.00
  • Duration 2 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


•Are you managing but need to be leading?
•Having trouble identifying how to be a proactive leader?
•Need to know how to make an impact with your leadership?
•Want to improve your credibility and trustworthiness?
•Need to think more strategically rather than tactically?
•Do you lead thinking / design / direction / people?

Leadership is about inspiring, having vision, getting people to follow you, creating motivation and desire to do things the way you and your organisation want to do them. Managing is about finding the most effective and efficient way to do those things. You may well manage as well as lead: this course is about leading.

When you have a strategic plan you can look forward with confidence and certainty, giving positive direction to teams operating in a global environment. This course will show you how to assess your organisation, how to plan for and spot future trends and the associated risks and communication of the big picture in the face of constant change.

You will benefit from this course if you need to lead – whether you lead a team of people, a business, a process, design, thought or anything else.


•Recognise how you lead individuals, teams and across your organisation
•Understand the organisational structure of your organisation
•Work effectively within the decision making process at your organisation
•Gain ideas for alternative solutions and approaches
•Influence the decision making process using your source of power
•Communicate in a positive and concise manner
•lead your team, following your vision
•Understand strategic concepts
•Look at the effects of change from a wider perspective
•Understand risk and how to manage it
•Understand the big picture (know your industry, market and products/services to help you strategise)
•Gain confidence in making strategic decisions
•Action plan to grow your leadership skills
•Fill in a situational leadership questionnaire to understand how effectively you lead currently
•Use industry standard tools & techniques like SWOT and PEST
•Interaction with other people with different communication styles
•Experience in using new tools to collect and structure information.

Course Content

•Introduction & Welcome
•Leadership vs Management
•Leadership Behaviours
•Situational Leadership
•Empowerment Planning
•The Language of Leadership
•Creating Culture
•Dealing With change
•Decision making traps
•Action Plan

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