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Blender Bootcamp

  • Price £1,195.00
  • Duration 5 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


Blender Bootcamp is a 5 day hands on Blender training course which is run at our London Islington centre. The course combines the content from our Blender Getting Started and Blender Intermediate courses into a complete 5 day training event that takes you from absolute begginner to advanced user in one go. You will work extensively with the Blender package getting to grips with the interface, as well as getting to grips with modeling, rigging, animation, materials and textures, UV Unwrapping, Compositing and lots more.


This course is targeted at those who are started from scratch and looking to develop advanced Blender skills quickly. You should have good general computer skills, but do not need to have prior experience of working with Blender.

Course Content

The following are some examples of the types of topics you will cover in this course. The actual topics and order in which they are covered can vary slightly in order to best accommodate the size, ability and requirements of each group.

Day 1 Modelling

The Blender Interface


Making & Controlling Objects
•Adding and deleting objects
•Selecting objects
•Moving objects
•Rotating objects
•Scaling objects
•Duplicating objects
•Using the registration point
•Using and manipulating the 3D cursor

•Using layers
•Moving objects to layers
•Hiding/Showing layers
•Layer shortcuts

•Box modelling
•Vertex modelling
•Vertices, Faces, and Edges

•Object mode
•Edit mode
•Sculpt mode

Shortcuts & Preferences
•Keyboard shortcuts
•Using a 3-button mouse
•Blender preferences
•Blender add-ons

Day 2 Lighting, Rendering, Materials and Textures

World & Scene
•Setting up your world•Sky•Environment lighting
•Indirect lighting

•Setting up your scene
•Scene info

•Using multiple lights

•Types of material
•Material properties
•Using multiple materials
•Naming your materials

•Multiple textures
•Naming your textures

•Setting up your camera(s)
•Camera settings

•Simple scene rendering
•Changing your render output
•Where are your renders saved
•Render properties

Lab: 10 Cube challenge

Days 3 - 5

Advanced Modelling and topology
•box modelling
•edge modelling
•polygon modelling
•poles, verts, edges, and faces
•planning your modelling
•Creating models with the skin modifier

Materials and textures
•Creating your materials
•Creating your textures
•Images as textures
•procedural textures
•Multiple materials and multiple textures

UV unwrapping
•what is UV unwrapping
•UV unwrapping examples
•painting on your unwrapped structure
•apply an image to your uv unwrap
•creating and unwrapping a model

Backgrounds and Lighting
•setting up
•your world
•your scene
•your lighting

Scene setup
•World settings
•scene settings
•different lighting setups

Rendering options
•setting your render options
•saving your renders
•creating a screenshot from blender
•creating a screencast from blender
•saving your renders
•render view - multiple renders saving internally

Rendering and Composing your scene
•Improving your renders
•Composing your scene
•Lighting your scene
•Arranging your elements within your scene
•Balancing your composition
•Contrast within your composition

•adding keyframes for a specific property
•rendering options

•using nodes to add effects
•node types
•adding/deleting nodes
•chaining nodes together
•creating effects
•organising your nodes

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