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Build a Website in a Day

  • Price £495.00
  • Duration 1 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


A website created by a web designer can cost thousands of pounds. Small companies, start-ups and many freelancers & professionals are often tempted to design their own websites. But doing it yourself can be difficult - it takes a long time to learn the skills to create a high-impact website from scratch - as well as expensive software. Home-made sites can look amateurish (at best!) and often fail to do well in the Google rankings.
Traditional website are known as 'static' sites, because they just sit there - a bit like a book. They are designed, uploaded and left. Google and other Internet search engines decide where to place sites in their ranks and they favour 'dynamic' sites which change their content regularly - a dynamic site is a bit like a daily newspaper.
For this reason - as well as many other benefits - switched-on people are turning to Wordpress.
Originally used as a blog publishing application (a blog being a 'weblog', a type of online journal or portfolio), Wordpress is increasingly being used for entire websites.
It has many features that actually make it preferable to a traditional website, including plug-ins and widgets.
It can seem complicated to a newcomer as there are many features available. However, the basic skills needed to set up a site using Wordpress can be learnt in a day. The result is a good-looking site which is effective and does well in search engine rankings.


There are no formal entry requirements but delegates are expected to be familiar with using a computer/laptop.
All delegates will need a domain name (i.e. their website address). This needs to be set up at least a week in advance so that we can arrange for it to be transferred ready for the Wordpress installation.
Delegates are advised to bring their own laptops or book one of ours for the day - and bring a debit or credit car for signing up with a web host (around £5pm).
Good images are important on a website and those with photographs, logos and company colours can bring them along to upload on the day (perhaps on a memory stick on CD, or stored online - e.g. Dropbox).

Course Content

This is a [very] interactive workshop. Delegates will end the day with a live website online. The workshop covers:
• The wonders of the web; looking at good and bad examples of websites.
• Buying and setting up domain names; suitable web hosts; installing Wordpress.
• Signing up with a web host - credit/debit card required.
• Getting started with Wordpress; installing a theme - free versus paid; adding plug-ins; adding content.
• Adding plug-ins and widgets.
• Adding contact details; adding an email auto-responder (MailChimp).
• Marketing online - SEO basics; online directories.
• Bringing it all together: Blogging basics; what to tweet about; what you should never do online.
• Social media marketing: signing up with Twitter; first posts; automating social media; incorporating social media into the Wordpress site.

Practical days don’t always run quite as planned, there can be technical issues, a plethora of questions, confidence issues among delegates, etc..
To this end, the tutor demonstrates creating a Wordpress website by actually creating one - a support website, which will be used afterwards to provide support for delegates who have questions after the workshop. This will allow them to work on their website after the day and ask further questions that may come up, interact with each other and share ideas.

We will provide:
Fact-finding Marketing Sheet – to enable delegates to focus on what they want their website to achieve, who their target market is and how best to reach them
Wordpress Quick Reminder Card – How-To’s, optional extras

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