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Building a Confident and Assertive Team

  • Price £345.00
  • Duration 1 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


On this course delegates will learn how to present a confident and professional image of their organisation through effective communication and adopting a resourceful mental state.

It will show how to build rapport through the appropriate use of tone and body language, and how to manage complaints or difficult situations successfully.

Essentially, this is a course that will ensure each member of staff understands how their behaviour affects other members of the team, creates a good impression of the business and builds lasting relationships with new clients.

This one-day programme can run either in-house or off-site, as an open or bespoke course.
The facilitated sessions are a mixture of activity and learning to suit all learning styles.

The last session will be focused on committing to action, planning activities for success and arranging for the necessary review and monitoring of outcomes.
Time is allowed for learners to reflect on and discuss their learning with colleagues.


This course is suitable for any members of staff, including managers, who directly come into contact with customers or colleagues, both face-to-face and on the telephone.


See Course Content

Course Content

• Identify and practice effective people skills
• Control situations and actions that may cause conflict
• Communicate more clearly and appropriately in any situation
• Adopt the right mental state of mind for positive and professional outcomes
• Demonstrate assertiveness and exceptional customer focus

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