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Business Writing Skills

  • Price £345.00
  • Duration 1 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


This workshop will benefit anyone who writes letters, memos, faxes and e-mails as part of their job. It will help anyone who has not received formal training in business writing, and also those who would like refresher training.

After completing this course, delegates should be able to:
Write business letters, memos, faxes and e-mails that get results
Plan writing in terms of objectives, content and structure, for the reader
Choose the best style and tone for a particular purpose and reader
Persuade through writing
Select appropriate language
Construct sentences and paragraphs to best effect
Use good grammar, correct spelling and effective punctuation
Avoid common pitfalls and mistakes




To understand the basic elements of effective business writing
To apply a disciplined approach to writing
To adopt planning as a key to successful writing
To put into practice what you learn

Course Content

Administration and introduction – personal objectives
Why writing? – the pros and cons of writing compared to telephoning, meetings and informal conversations
The aims of business writing
Planning your writing – the 4 essential questions to ask
Language – KISS, not MILI [Keep It Short and Simple – avoid the temptation to Make It
Look Important]
Effective letter writing - things to consider to make letters effective
The steps in letter writing
Structure of normal and persuasive letters
Practical task on planning letters
Memos, faxes and e-mail messages – the essentials
Style and tone
Examples of appropriate and inappropriate style and tone
Practical tasks on style and tone
Words, sentences and paragraphs – how to select and use them
Practical tasks on words, sentences and paragraphs
Spelling and punctuation – the rules of spelling, and how to use
punctuation effectively
Practical tasks on spelling and punctuation
Practical tasks on delegates’ own written work
Revising your writing – reviewing and proof-reading
Workshop summary and evaluation


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