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Change Context

  • Price £795.00
  • Duration 2 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


This course unites the concepts and practices from the foundation and other advanced Core Courses. It is pitched at a senior management perspective and encourages delegates to move beyond their current areas of competence, and enhance their personal development.
It explores the effect of culture on projects and programmes and their links with strategic planning. It examines the management of business change from both project, programme and operations perspectives, including overcoming barriers to change. It also explores transition management and the links between the operational and project or programme environments.
Delegates will investigate sources of funding for change and the implications of the choice of source. Finally, the course discusses the contribution of audits to effective project, programme and change management and explains a proven audit method for use on projects and programmes.


  • Understand types of organisations, their cultures, objectives, functions and environments
  • Explain how organisation structures and operations work
  • Recognise the challenges facing business operations and the impact of change on them
  • Explain the organisational benefits of project, programme and operations management and differentiate between them

Course Content

  • Programme and project culture
  • Strategic planning
  • Business change
  • Managing change
  • Operations management
  • Funding change
  • Audits

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