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Check Point Provider-1 NGX

  • Price £1,295.00
  • Duration 2 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


This course offers in-depth training on deploying and managing Check Point Provider-1 NGX. Delegates will learn how to configure Security Policies for multiple remote Security Gateways using the Multi-Domain Graphical User Interface (MDG), and manage multiple firewall-secured environments using the Multi-Domain Server (MDS).

Delegates will also learn how to perform advanced configuration tasks, such as establishing redundant Multi-Domain Servers for High Availability management functions and migrating existing servers into the Provider-1 database.

Target Group: This course is designed for systems administrators, security managers, or network engineers implementing Provider-1 NGX in an enterprise setting.

This course meets the requirements for the CCMSE NGX Certification. A separate examination is available for those delegates who wish to have a formal qualification.


Attendance of Check Point Security Administration NGX II is essential (NGX III would be advantageous.


Describe the Provider-1 architecture.
Describe the installation requirements for the Provider-1 components.
Install and configure Provider-1.
List and describe MDS configuration options.
List and describe Customer Management Add-On (CMA) configuration options.
Identify the features and functions of the MDG.
Describe the Provider-1 architecture.
Describe Provider-1 log-management features.
Create and assign Global Policies to multiple CMA’s.
Use advanced tools to manage multiple Customer sites.

Course Content

Install the MDS as a Manager and Container and then configure the MDS to function as a primary MDS.
Install the Provider-1 SmartConsole and MDG client.
Configure of CMA’s for city sites.
Establish SIC between CMA’s and the remote Security Gateways they manage.
Adjust Provider-1 default settings to customise the system for your configuration.
Create basic objects and Rule Bases for CMA’s in your configuration.
Create additional Administrators and showing the differences in their privilege levels.
Deploy GUI clients at remote sites and grant different access to clients with different privileges.
Remotely install a Check Point software package on the Gateways in your lab configuration.
Disconnect a rogue client from your primary MDS.
Define network objects and rules for a NOC Gateway.
Install and configure a secondary MDS to be an MDS Multi-Log Module (MLM).
Create objects and rules applied to each CMA in a Global Policy.
Define a Global VPN Community.
Migrate an existing SmartCenter Server into your existing Provider-1 setup.
Install and configure a secondary MDS for Management High Availability (HA).
Mirror a configured MDS to a second MDS in your setup.
Configure a secondary MDS for CMA level HA in a Provider-1 setup.
Back up MDS files using Provider-1 archiving commands.
Restore MDS files using archiving commands.

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