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Check Point Security Admin NGX III

  • Price £1,995.00
  • Duration 4 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


Check Point Security Administration NGX III offers comprehensive training to enhance enterprise knowledge of VPN-1 NGX, network planning, route-based VPN, and troubleshooting procedures.

Target Group: Systems administrators, security managers, or network engineers implementing VPN-1 NGX in an enterprise setting; and individuals seeking Check Point Certified Security Expert Plus NGX (CCSE Plus NGX) certification.

This course meets the requirements for the Check Point Certified Security Expert Plus NGX (CCSE+ NGX) certification. A separate examination (not part of the course) is available for those delegates who wish to have formal certification.

Please note: Prior to taking Check Point examinations, Check Point recommend delegates attend the authorised training course(s), study the official manual (provided only on authorised courses) and have 6 months experience using the technology.


Delegates must already have attended Check Point Security Administration NGX I Rev 1.1 and Check Point Security Administration NGX II Rev 1.1.


Troubleshooting NGX product problems using troubleshooting guidelines
Collect Data using the cpinfo utility, for offline viewing and troubleshooting using the InfoView utility
Use protocol analyzers to capture and analyze packet-header formats
Troubleshooting NGX issues using NGX debugging tools
Use fw and fw advanced commands to gather critical information for troubleshooting
Troubleshooting specific Security Server issues and debug Security Servers
Using VPN debugging and VPN log files to troubleshoot VPN connections
Troubleshoot VPN-1 SecureClient/SecuRemote issues
Use the VPN monitoring and debugging commands ike debug, sr_service debug, and srfw monitor to troubleshoot and monitor VPN connections
Configure VPN-1 NGX for route-based VPN and dynamic routing
Configure ClusterXL and troubleshoot ClusterXL issues

Course Content

Collecting configuration files from an NGX installation
Review and analyzing cpinfo output in InfoView
Using GuiDBedit to view and create services and objects, and modify an object’s properties
Using fw logswitch to switch active and audit logs
Using fwm logexport to export logs
Comparing client-side NAT and server-side NAT using the fw monitor command
Using cpd and fwm commands to debugging and troubleshoot a stand-alone installation problem
Generating and interpreting the output of the fw ctl pstat command
Using fw stat to verify a Gateway’s Policy installed status
Using fw unloadlocal to uninstall a Security Policy
Using fwm load to install a Policy
Running ike debug on Gateways, and analyzing output using IKEview
Observing IKE negotiation using ike debug
Running srfw monitor on a SecureClient desktop
Configuring route-based VPNs using static routes
Configuring dynamic VPN routing using OSPF

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