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Cinema 4D 301 Super Hotshot

Cinema 4D 301 Super Hotshot
  • Price £697.00
  • Level Advanced
  • Duration 3 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


Building upon the foundation in Cinema 4D that you will have when completing Rookie and
Hotshot courses, this three day course will take the user into the more advanced regions
of the program that often most training neglects to cover. You will learn how to control and
create more complex animations using Cinema 4Ds advanced features, producing more
time-effective workflows and impressive results. This course is also ideal for those who
already know the basics of Cinema 4D, and would like to learn more about the deeper
functions of the software.


Anyone who has completed the jumpstart or rookie and hotshot courses, or those who
have learned Cinema 4D independently, and would like to jump into the advanced features
of the software.

Assumed Knowledge

You will be assumed to know the content on the Rookie and Hotshot courses.


• Advanced animation using MoGraph
• Simulation of natural world dynamics
• Hair and fur simulation
• Cloth simulation
• Basic Character Rigging and IK using Mocca
• Advanced Scripting using Xpresso (no coding)
• Overview of scripting possibilities using Python, C++ or Coffee
• Thinking Particles
• Breaking objects apart
• PyroClusters
• Advanced Rendering Techniques
• Multi-pass rending and compositing

Course Content

Motion Graphics using MoGraph

  • MoGraph Objects
  • Cloner, Matrix, MoInstance
  • Tracers and MoSplines
  • Fracture
  • MoGraph Effectors
  • Creating simple animations
  • Audio animations
  • Formula and Scripting
  • MoGraph Text animations
  • Selections in MoGraph
  • Extrude and PolyFX

Simulation of Natural World Dynamics

  • Rigid and Soft Bodies
  • Colliders and Ghosts
  • Forces, Motors and Springs

Hair and Fur Simulation

  • Creating Hair and Fur
  • Properties and animation
  • Styling and controlling
  • Creating more than hair

Cloth Simulation

  • Creating and simulating
  • Colliders and Belts
  • Fitting cloth to figures and shapes
  • Fixing points

Caching Dynamic Simulations

  • How caching things speeds up
    workflow and previews
  • Managing/Resetting the cache

Scripting with Xpresso

  • How Xpresso is different to real
    scripting, and its limitations
  • Creating animations and relationships
  • Using formulas to create common
    motion and animations
  • Common effects and solutions that
    use Xpresso

Thinking Particles

  • Setting up basic thinking particles
    using Xpresso
  • PStorm and PBlurp
  • Controlling particle flow
  • Colliders and Attractors
  • Sporning animations from collisions
  • Making sparks and cracks

Breaking Objects Apart

  • Thrausi and XBreaker


  • Simulating fire and smoke
  • Using the volume tracer

Inverse Kinematics and Rigging

  • Creating bones and binding them
  • The basics of an IK Chain
  • Creating muscle and skin
  • Painting and Weighting
  • Setting up a basic leg-rig
  • Using the compositing tag for video
  • Compositing 3D objects using video
    or images within cinema 4D

Advanced Rendering

  • Getting the best results from the
    Standard or Physics renderer
  • Creating a multi-pass render
  • How to use the compositing tag with
    object buffers
  • Creating the correct formats for
    differing compositing workflows
  • Overview of the role scripting can
    play in your workflow
  • Explanation of the languages used:
  • Python, C++ and COFFEE
  • Animation, GUI or Plugin?
  • Resources for learning scripting

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