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Cinema 4D : MasterClass

Cinema 4D : MasterClass
  • Price £897.00
  • Level Intermediate
All major credit cards accepted


Shading, Lighting and Rendering are the essential steps to stage your 3d-scenes and objects. The aim of the course is to train participants in the professional use of shaders and lightsources in Cinema4D R15 and to lead them from the analysis of natural lighting conditions to their implementation in 3d-scenes.


This training is aimed at 3d-artists, graphic-desginers or architects.

Assumed Knowledge

This course is designed for those already working with Cinema4D R15 who are now looking for improving their shading- and lighting-skills to achieve credible and realistic 3d-scenes.


After completing the course, participants will be able to create realistic and animation-proof light-setups with many new insights and a completely refreshed knowledge. This intense 3-day training closes with a short examination. Participants are required to have a basic knowledge of Cinema4D R15 and to speak english.

Course Content

1.0 Shading – of colored noise, photo wallpapers and layer-stacks
1.1 Textures – bitmaps and shaders
1.4 Material Editor and channels – the channeling of material properties
1.5 Picture Textures – Fun with Murals
1.6 Texture Projection – 9 different slide projectors
1.7 Edit textures
1.8 BodyPaint 3D and ProjectionMan – an outlook
1.9 Shaders – its so colorful in here …
2.0 Lighting – “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Lighting * But Were Afraid to Ask”
2.2 Light source types in Cinema4D R15 – a bright family
2.3 Light source types – the distant relatives
2.4 Shadow – the dark side of the family
2.5 Lighting methods – direct and indirect light
2.6 Tips for picture composition
2.7 Résumé
3.0 Rendering
3.1 Global Illumination – Basics
3.2 The presets moved to the body – GI modes in Cinema4D
3.3 Tips and Tricks
3.4 Cameras
3.5 Define Rendering – Render tags and Render Settings
3.6 The Physical Renderer
3.7 Team – Render
3.8 Render Manager
3.9 Picture Manager
4.0 Résumé
4.1 Examination, Part " Light Analysis "
4.2 Examination, Part " light-sensitive shading "
4.3 Examination, Part " Lighting"

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