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Citrix Branch Repeater 6.0 Administration

  • Price £1,160.00
  • Duration 2 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


In this course, learners will be introduced to Citrix Branch Repeater 6.0 overview and gain the knowledge needed to execute this service delivery optimization and control solution for branch and mobile users. Through the classroom workshop and online lab environment, students will explore the benefits, key components and the architecture of Branch Repeater 6.0. Students will learn to plan a deployment, install the product components, perform the initial configuration, and monitor, and troubleshoot Citrix Branch Repeater.


  • Explain the benefits of the Branch Repeater technology.
  • Describe the deployment modes and integration with other Citrix products.
  • Install, configure, troubleshoot Branch Repeater, Repeater, Branch Repeater VPX, and the Repeater Plug-in.
  • Perform basic administration tasks, such as configuring CIFS and MAPI acceleration, and configuring bandwidth.
  • Configure Quality of Service.
  • Configure SSL.
  • Monitor pages, create reports, and perform basic troubleshooting.

Course Content

Introducing Branch Repeater

  • Describe Branch Repeater functionality and benefits.
  • Describe the differences between the Branch Repeater product components.
  • Define common optimization terminology.
  • Explain the four mechanisms of quality of service.
  • Explain the relationship between fair queuing and quality of service.
  • Describe CIFS acceleration.
  • Describe MAPI acceleration.
  • Describe ICA protocol and acceleration.
  • Explain TCP flow and acceleration.
  • Explain the autodiscovery process.
  • Describe the different Branch Repeater compression types.

Planning Deployment

  • Describe the packet-forwarding modes in which a Branch Repeater can be deployed.
  • Identify high-availability mode requirements.
  • Identify how using XenApp and XenDesktop with Branch Repeater saves bandwidth and supports more users.
  • Identify the benefits of Branch Repeater accelerating XenDesktop traffic.
  • Describe how applications running over an ICA session are automatically detected and assigned priority.
  • Explain how XenApp and XenDesktop traffic optimization are configured through policies.
  • Describe multi-stream ICA in XenApp and XenDesktop.
  • Explain how traffic is optimized when the Branch Repeater and Access Gateway client are installed.
  • Describe the benefits of integrating Citrix NetScaler with Branch Repeater.

Installing Branch Repeater Product Components

  • Identify Branch Repeater installation requirements.
  • Install, configure, and test Branch Repeater.
  • Identify the Branch Repeater VPX requirements.
  • Identify the differences between Branch Repeater and Branch Repeater VPX.
  • Install and configure Branch Repeater VPX.
  • Import the Branch Repeater VPX virtual machine.
  • License Branch Repeater VPX.
  • Describe the function and relationship between the Repeater Plug-in and Branch Repeater.
  • Identify Repeater Plug-in requirements and configuration considerations.
  • Install the Repeater Plug-in.
  • Configure the initial Repeater Plug-in settings.
  • Troubleshoot the Repeater Plug-in.

Configuring Basic Settings, Acceleration, and Bandwidth

  • Perform basic administration tasks.
  • Change the password.
  • Create a user account.
  • Configure RADIUS and TACACS authentication.
  • Configure CIFS acceleration.
  • Monitor CIFS acceleration traffic.
  • Join a Windows domain.
  • Configure MAPI acceleration.
  • Monitor MAPI traffic.
  • Enable XA compression.
  • Describe bandwidth management modes.
  • Explain the difference between full and partial bandwidth.
  • Describe bandwidth limits.
  • Explain bandwidth schedules.
  • Configuring Service Class and Quality of Service

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