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Communicate Effectively Includes SDI

  • Price £1,500.00
  • Duration 3 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


The ability to communicate effectively is a key skill; communication and social interaction are fundamental to business success. This event is designed to develop your capability in delivering positive and persuasive communications in both the written and spoken form.

People often ask us:

I struggle to get the response I want, is it the way I communicate my message?
Why can't I always pick up on what others are trying to say?
How do I enhance my communication skills so that my colleagues and managers value my input to discussions?
Can I learn to adapt my communication style to best suit the situation and get better results?
This is an interactive course that requires effective communication throughout. We will work to enhance your skills - improve communication, improve relationships, improve results!


This course is for all levels and is ideal for anyone who wishes to enhance their communications skills.


You will learn how to:

Explain in detail the process of communication
Make the right impression first time
Demonstrate key rapport building skills
Utilise active listening skills
Use advanced questioning techniques
Modify your body language to support your message
Recognise reactions and behaviours in others
Manage your own reactions and behaviours
Increase levels of assertion in both the spoken word and the written form
Use the power of words in a positive way
Demonstrate practical communications skills for organisational success 

Course Content

What will the course cover

  • The impactful first impression
  • The communication process and profile
  • How we communicate and your thinking process
  • Introduction to body language
  • Building rapport using the communication triangle
  • Active listening
  • Communication filters
  • Building rapport using matching and mirroring
  • Questioning skills
  • The power of words
  • Congruence and ambiguity
  • Redundant expressions and clichés
  • Digital communications made easy
  • Conference call etiquette
  • 'Communicate!' business simulation

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