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Creating ePUB (iBooks) with InDesign

Creating ePUB (iBooks) with InDesign
  • Price £297.00
  • Level Intermediate
  • Duration 1 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


An EPUB is an electric book format which is revolutionising the publishing world. With EPUBS becoming more popular than paper-based books mainly due to their portability between reading devices, from handheld tablets devices to desktop software.

Whether you are a designer, author or publisher, learning how to create the new standard in books will be something you’ll need to know about.

This course will show you how to correctly setup InDesign documents for exporting to the EPUB format, to reading the EPUB on an Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod, Kindle or other eReading solutions.


Anyone who would like to get their content onto devices such as Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod, Kindle or other eReading solutions.

Assumed Knowledge

You will have taken or have equivalent knowlegde of the Academy Class Indesign Jumpstart class


  • What is an EPUB?
  • Chapters
  • Working with text
  • Working with images
  • Content flow
  • EPUB enhancements
  • Exporting to EPUB
  • Previewing and validation
  • Tweaking CSS and XHTML
  • Converting to the Kindle .mobi format
  • Distrubution

Course Content

What is an EPUB?

  • EPUB advantages and comparisons
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Hardware and software


  • Create chapters from a single InDesign document
  • Create chapters from an InDesign book
  • Use paragraph styles to control chapter breaks
  • Create sub-chapters

Working with text

  • Apply paragraph and character styles
  • Apply styles to control spacing
  • Control local formatting
  • Cleanup text for more accurate results
  • Discover useful time saving scripts

Working with images

  • Create anchored and inline images
  • Apply styles to control spacing
  • Control image export options
  • Discuss suggested image sizes
  • Create a front cover
  • Create re-sizable images*

Content flow

  • Learn the rules of content flow
  • Control content flow using xml tags
  • Use the articles panel to control content flow*

EPUB enhancements

  • Create a custom table of contents
  • Create links
  • Add meta data to documents and books

Exporting to EPUB

  • Discuss general export options
  • Discuss image export options
  • Discuss content export options
  • Manually controlling settings

Previewing and validation

  • Use software for previewing and testing
  • Validating to EPUB specifications
  • Correcting validation errors

Tweaking CSS and XHTML

  • Fine tweak spacing between objects
  • Create and control drop caps
  • Create and control text wrap
  • Format table styles

Converting to the Kindle .mobi format

  • Discover .mobi requirements
  • Convert an InDesign document to .mobi


  • Choosing a method of distribution
  • Discuss requirements, advantages and disadvantages
  • Getting an EPUB onto your device

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