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Creative Suite for Design

Creative Suite for Design
  • Price £997.00
  • Level Introduction
  • Duration 5 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


The ultimate class for those new to design software and desk top publishing. No matter what background or industry you are from – this class will give you the practical skills you need to jumpstart your talents as a designer. These are tools of choice for designer and marketers all across the world. Adobe Creative Suite is the state-of-the-art graphics software collection that combines the best software in the publishing world. Packed full of hints and tips, shortcuts and techniques, this Academy Class offers a full on 5 days of training on the latest versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.


Designers, pre-press professionals, architects, production managers, marketing, small business owners, web designers and anyone who wishes to master the Creative Suite should attend this class. Special attention is paid to learning production workflows used by professionals in industry, keyboard shortcuts, automating workflow and special effects techniques.

Assumed Knowledge

You should have a basic working knowledge of either the Windows or Mac interface as well as exposure to either Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint. You should know how to launch an application, create and save files, and copy files.


  • You will learn to use Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator
  • Create a logo using simple shapes
  • Enhance logos
  • Create logos using custom paths,
  • Create a logo with type special effects
  • Create an advertisement
  • Import body type
  • Manage your creative assets using Adobe Bridge
  • Manage the InDesign environment
  • Design documents
  • Manage text
  • Utilise colours, swatches and gradients
  • Manage transparency
  • Utilise tables
  • Prepare for handoff to a service providers
  • Create Acrobat PDF files
  • Explore Photoshop,
  • Paint and retouch images,
  • Enhance an image,
  • Work with layers and selections.

Course Content

Managing the Adobe Photoshop Environment

  • Exploring default Workspace and Bridge
  • Introduction to the Toolbar
  • Palette management and Screen real estate
  • History Palette and Undoing Actions
  • Navigation shortcuts

Working with Selections

  • Creating Selections using Magic Wand
  • Adjusting Selections
  • Quick Selection and Lasso tools
  • Combining Selection tools for complex objects
  • Saving and Reloading a Selection

Enhancing an Image

  • Using Levels and Curves
  • Compensate for flash with Shadow and Highlight
  • Variations to quickly decide about a colour cast
  • Hue and Saturation controls
  • Blurring and sharpening using
  • Filters

Painting and Retouching Images

  • Digital darkroom techniques
  • Clone Stamp and Heal tools
  • Creating
  • Saving and loading custom colours
  • Painting with Paintbrush
  • Pencil or Paint Bucket tool
  • Introduction to Gradients and painting with Gradients
  • Working with Quick Mask mode and Layer Masks

Working with Layers

  • Importing images
  • Layers and Selections
  • Transforming Layer Objects and using the Smart Objects
  • Starting to build layered compositions
  • Applying Transparency
  • Basic Blending Modes
  • Other goodies as Text Layers
  • Adjustment Layers and Layer Styles

Outputting your artwork

  • Colour modes
  • Resolution and Image Size
  • Cropping an image vs Extending the Canvas
  • File formats and optimizing artwork for Web

Setting Up Your Document

  • Be precise with Rulers and Guides
  • Add, move and shuffle Pages in your Document
  • Paginate Spread Pages
  • Using Bridge to organise your creative assets
  • InDesign Libraries to share them

Working with Frames

  • Place Text and Graphics on the Document Pages
  • Applying Colours
  • Tints and Gradients
  • Get creative with the Stroke panel
  • Shapes and Corner options inside of InDesign
  • Transforming Frames Content
  • Changing the default Transparency
  • Share the Appearance attributes with Object Styles

Importing and Editing Text

  • Flowing Text and multiple Columns design
  • Formatting with Character and Paragraph Styles
  • Leading
  • Spacing
  • Tracking and Kerning
  • Create Bulleted and Numbered lists
  • Explore decorative Fonts and special Characters with Glyphs panel

Working with Graphics

  • Image quality and Display options
  • Fitting or Clipping graphics with Frames
  • Share Colours across the with Swatch Exchange Format
  • Manage linked files and automate updating of your content
  • Vector artworks inside of InDesign
  • Goddies inside of the Effects panel

Page Layout tools

  • Using Placeholders Eyedropper and Master Pages for different workflow
  • Aligning multiple Objects and working with Object Groups
  • Wrap text around inline Objects while making use of Alpha Channels
  • Be a professional with Baseline Grid alignment

Outputting and PDF Export

  • Understanding Bleed and Slug
  • Differentiate between Spot and Process colours
  • Create a Package to share InDesign Documents
  • Manage missing Fonts
  • Preflight for Prepress

Creating basic Documents

  • Explore the prebuilt Document Profiles
  • Shortcuts to navigate the Artboard effectively
  • Create custom Workspaces

Drawing in Illustrator

  • Draw Paths with the Pen tool
  • Add, delete or adjust points along a path
  • Understand how BÈzier Curves work
  • Freeform Drawing tools
  • Live Trace to transform images or hand drawn sketches into vector artworks that can be further adjusted Create Logo using simple Shapes
  • Discovering basic Blends
  • Symbols in Illustrator and Symbol Sprayer options

Modifying Objects

  • Lasso select and the other goodies in the Select Menu
  • Be precise using Smart Guides
  • Grids and Guidelines
  • Align, Group and Duplicate to achieve better results
  • Transform objects with Twirl
  • Bloat and other Warp tools
  • Layers palette: Hide and Lock Objects
  • Intro to Isolation Mode for effective editing

Working with Colours in Illustrator

  • Difference between Swatches and Colour palette
  • Applying colour to Stroke and/or Fill
  • Adjusting Stroke attributes with Stroke panel
  • Introducing Gradients and Patterns

Text in Illustrator

  • Point
  • Area and Type on a path
  • Import Body Type and fix Spelling Errors
  • Find and Replace Text or Insert Typographic Characters
  • Create Text Outlines to design your own fancy headlines

Outputting your Artwork

  • Defining cropping area
  • Saving your artwork in vector formats
  • Save for Web and Devices

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