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CS6 Design Bootcamp

  • Price £995.00
  • Duration 5 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


CS6 Design Bootcamp is targeted at those who are new to the CS6 Design suite and looking to learn the basics of working with Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.

The course is made up of 5 days of classroom based training which can be completed either at our London centre or your own location. This is then supported and extended by 12 months access to our learning management system containing video tutorials, exercises, sample files and instructor led support forums.


The CS6 Design Bootcamp is suitable for anybody who wants to learn to use Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator but has no previous experience. If you already have experience using these packages you might want to consider our CS6 Advanced Design Bootcamp.

Assumed Knowledge

This course is a beginners training course. You should however be comfortable using a computer to perform functions such as copy and paste, and opening applications and files. You should also be comfortable using the internet, for example for browsing and interacting with websites.

Course Content

Day One and Two

Exploring Photoshop
•The panels
•The tools

Creating Documents
•Colour modes
•Web vs Print
•Mobile/tablet settings

Colour Theory
•Printing colour
•Web colour

•Custom brushes

•Blending modes

Adjustment tools
•Dodge tool
•Burn tool
•Sponge tool
•Blur tool
•Sharpen tool
•Smudge tool

Adjustment commands
•Brightness and Contrast
•Adjustment layers
•Auto adjustments

•Selection tools
•Making selections
•Adjusting your selections
•Saving your selections

•Cropping images
•Cropping options
•Perspective cropping

Layer Masks
•Making layer masks
•Editing layer masks
•Using layer masks

Cloning and Repairing
•The clone tool
•The Healing brush tool
•The Spot healing brush tool
•The patch tool
•Content aware options
•Content aware Move
•Content aware patch

•Adding text
•Formatting text

•Vector layers
•Custom shapes

•Layer effects
•Effect options


Day Three and Four

•What is Desktop Publishing
•Why InDesign
•What you will learn

InDesign Interface
•Overview of the interface
•Creating customised Workspaces
•Organising Panels
•Customising Menus
•Changing Default Settings

Document Creation
•Creating a New Document
•Bleed, Slug and Margins
•Facing Pages
•Columns and Gutter

Frames and Shapes
•What are frames
•Creating frames
•Moving frames
•Aligning frames
•Sizing and positioning
•Rounded corners
•Anchoring frames
•Rotating and skewing
•Creating frames from text

Working with Text
•Creating text frames
•Using placeholder text
•Inserting special characters
•Threading text frames
•Viewing threads
•The Story Editor
•Text frame options, inset spacing etc..
•Importing from Word

Formatting Text
•Kerning & tracking
•Drop caps
•Baseline shift
•Justification & Alignment
•Uppercase, lowercase, sentence case & title case
•Formatting Bullets

Working with Objects
•Grouping and ungrouping
•Change object shape
•Rotating a spread
•Arranging objects
•Layers Panel

•Using mini bridge
•Different file formats
•Placing images
•Frame Fitting Options
•Text wrap options
•Resizing and positioning images
•Select v direct select
•Content Grabber (and how to turn it off)
•Display performance
•Clipping paths

•Creating layouts
•Guides and smart guides
•The gap tool
•Liquid Layout
•Alternate Layout
•Using the page tool
•Live distribute
•Merging frames
•Compound shapes

Masters and Pages
•Working with masters
•Creating masters
•Importing masters
•Applying masters
•Master options
•Page numbering
•Numbering and sections
•Text threads in masters

•Understanding Colours: CMYK, RGB, Pantone etc..
•Creating colours
•Saving colours as swatches
•Sampling colors from images
•Exporting and importing colours
•Applying colours to strokes and fills
•Creating gradients
•Saving gradients as swatches
•Applying gradients to items

Gradient Feather
•Applied to what?
•Linear v radial
•Angle and location

•Creating a new table
•Convert text to table
•Strokes and fills
•Alternating row and column strokes
•Adding rows and columns
•Deleting rows and columns
•Merge and unmerge

Other Effects
•Applied to what?
•Drop & Inner Shadow
•Inner & Outer Glow
•Bevel and Emboss

Basic Styles
•Character styles
•Paragraph styles
•Style Priority
•Creating styles
•Applying and removing styles
•Redefining styles
•Importing Styles
•Removing unused styles
•Nested Styles

•Why preflighting
•Detecting errors
•Identify & correct errors
•Custom profiles

•Packaging all files
•PDF Presets (print ready, small size etc.)
•Including printers marks / bleed
•Export to interactive PDF
•Page transitions (eg: fade, blind, etc.)

Day Five

Illustrator overview
•What are vectors
•What are Bézier curves
•The pen tools

Creating shapes
•The pen tool
•Primitive shapes
•Adding/deleting anchor points
•Creating Bézier curves
•Combining shapes
•Creating outlines from text
•The shape builder tool
•The blend tool

Editing shapes
•Adjusting existing shapes
•Cutting paths
•Combining paths and shapes
•Erasing paths and shapes

Organising your work
•Custom artboards
•Layer properties
•Group Isolation mode

•Choosing a colour
•Using swatches
•Saving your swatches
•Spot colours
•Process colours
•Global colours

Stroke and fill
•Creating strokes
•Creating fill
•Applying colour to strokes and fills

Transforming shapes
•Moving, rotating
•Reflecting, Shearing
•Step and repeat
•Transform again

•Distort & Transform
•Organising your effects

•Adding text
•Text within a a shape
•Text on a shape
•Controlling text
•Creating outlines from text

Saving and Exporting
•Saving options
•Exporting options
•Exporting to pdf
•Other export formats
•Using Illustrator with other applications

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